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Aug 13, 2012 09:40 PM

Frascati - quite delicious and creative [San Francisco]

Friend wanted to grab dinner tonight with no real restrictions, so I chose Frascati, a place I'd been wanting to try for many years. Was initially a bit worried given how little has been written about it on here, but I'm quite surprised it hasn't been mentioned more.

The two of us split potato gnocchi, a watermelon salad, and a tagliatelle with mushrooms and corn - about $50 after tip, an absolute bargain.

However, other than the homemade pasta, none of the cooking was too labor-intensive. But what really made it stand out was the numerous simple unexpected combinations of high-quality ingredients that made everything delicious.

The watermelon salad wasn't anything I couldn't have made myself at home - but that would have required me thinking to combine watermelons and toasted pistachios together, an unexpected yet delicious combination that went well with the mint, ricotta, and balsamic glaze.

Furthermore, the service was perfectly attentive (although some food took a while to come out), the noise level was that perfect level where it feels bustling, but not difficult to have a conversation, and that combined with the cable car going by just made for a great meal.

Highly recommend; truly a neighborhood gem.

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  1. Frascati has always been one of my favorites. Have not eaten there in a few years but probably visited at least ten times up through 2010. Never had a bad meal or off night. Interesting wine list, good food and reasonably priced.

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      will definitely check out the wine list next time i'm there.

      it's also good to know that they're still consistent after finally opening up a second restaurant.