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Aug 13, 2012 09:05 PM

Where can I find low-sulfite wine?

A friend was recently tested for allergies, and discovered a moderate sensitivity to sulfites. I know that sulfites are a natural occurance in wine, and that they are added to help with the fermentation process. but I'm wondering if anyone has information about where one can buy low-sulfite wine in the Bay Area.

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  1. Sensitivity to sulfites is extremely rare, occurring in less than 1% of the population, and the illness shows up in infancy with obvious neurological defects. Sure your friend understood her doctor correctly??

    If your friend genuinely had a sensitivity, she couldn't eat dried fruit, luncheon meats, and a hundred other things. However, a sensitivity to sulfites is often confused with a sensitivity to histamines (histamines can be both ingested and also produced by the body in an immunological response). That's usually what people mean when they say a sensitivity to sulfites.

    Nevertheless, here is some info on Bay Area wineries that make organic wine with no added sulfur:

    And here is info on wineries and "sensitivity" to sulfites:

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      Thanks for the link to those wineries.
      I'm wondering if anyone has tried them out and has a recommendation for a red wine.

      She was tested at Kaiser's Allergy Dept. and had a "moderate" reaction to sulfites.
      And actually, luncheon meats with sulfites added definitely are not to be found in her house. She's a pectarian (? - eats fish not meat). And doesn't like dried fruit (not even raisins).

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        You might want to check out Donkey and Goat winery in Berkeley (open Friday-Sunday 2-6), as well as Broc Cellars in Berkeley (open Saturday - Sunday, unsure of exact hours).

      1. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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          Well as Maria said, many other things like one dried apricot have much more sulpher than wine.. that being said.. there are many with no or very little added.. One thing to remember, red wines generally have less added than whites, as they are more stable and the tannins help preserve it.

        2. Trader Joe's sells one called Well Red for $5.99. It's drinkable.

          1. Whole Foods carries a number of low or no-sulfite wines. My M-I-L always buys them there (I've seen them in several locations).

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              Sulfites occur naturally in wine so there's no such thing as no-sulfite wine.

              In the US, any wine that's labeled organic cannot have added sulfites (though wines that are not certified organic but are made from organic grapes can).