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Aug 13, 2012 08:55 PM

anyone been to the Parish yet? (or other birthday rec's)

So, wife's non-meat-eating friends decided to fly in last minute for my birthday (surprise!) and now my KTown crawl or Boiling Crab fest is off the table. I'm stumped.
Anyone been to the Parish yet? I loved the food at Tasting Kitchen (less so the prices, but this place seems more affordable)... searched the boards but didnt see a review.
Or any other cool rec's for a hound- I live in Silver Lake so near-ish helps.
Baco Mercat? Is it amazing?
Have done most of the Silver Lake scene, Black Hogg, Cliff's Edge, L&E, etc already...
Thanks for the help.

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  1. I loved the vibe at The Parish. I don't eat but do eat seafood and my options were limited. The two seafood dishes I did try were simple but tasty. I didn't care for my cocktail and they were nice to not charge me and I got wine instead. It's definitely no Tasting Kitchen but it is a lot more affordable.

    1. The general sense of the board seems to enjoy Parish. I was not that into the one visit I've made there. It's just very in the vein of New American. I didn't think anything was too interesting or new, but I do eat out pretty regularly, so my palate may just be a bit tired of this style. If you enjoyed Tasting Kitchen, I don't think there's much reason that you wouldn't enjoy Parish.

      Baco Mercat isn't necessarily amazing, but I think the Toron is different than what you may have eaten before. Don't know how good their vegetable stuff is for your friends though.