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Aug 13, 2012 07:22 PM

Matsuhisa -- Vail

Finally made it to this new (a year old) branch of the Nobu chain. We had heard conflicting reports so were glad to try it out for ourselves. We started with edamame, had a small plate of JalapeƱo Yellowtail followed by another small plate of White Salmon. We then had main courses of Black Cod with Miso and Sea Bass with a Black Bean Sauce. We then finished up with a "dessert" of Spicy Tuna Roll. It was all good. The Yellowtail and the White Salmon were incredible. Overall I would rate it just short of excellent. Service was somewhat sporadic, sometimes prompt and other times virtually nonexistent . As we had heard, it is expensive, but no more so than dinner at any of the better restaurants in the Valley. Our food was about $165, including tax and tip, not including wine. How much you spend on wine will just depend on your taste and your bank account.

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  1. We've has consistently very good food there. The service if fairly inconsistent though.

    1. We LOVE it there - always great food. We tend to sit at the bar and order from there, so service isn't generally an issue. Flagging down a bartender is pretty easy!