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Aug 13, 2012 05:48 PM

Has anyone tried Cafe Gratitude on Rose yet?

The menu intrigues me but I'm unsure of my ability to say "I'll have the I Am Passionate to start, then the I Am Awesome for my entree" without snickering. But they must get that a lot. Also excited for the new Hostaria del Piccolo to open.

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  1. i've been to the Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont---so i can chime in on the basics.

    yes---i was very concerned about having the names of the dishes being affirmations. it riles my snark. but my folks are now eating vegan (go figure---in their 70's they are "going green"), they were in town for the weekend and wanted to meet for lunch. so i was willing to say an affirmation out loud to order my lunch (yikes!) so that they could have a meal that fits their diet.

    actually my meal was very good. i was pleasantly surprised. the larchmont location was bustling on a sunday afternoon and there was a wait for tables. my eggplant sandwich was very tasty and my side salad was great (the bean sprouts looked & tasted like they picked them before composing the salad), i had a nice glass of organic sauv. blanc and most importantly my parents LOVED it. my mom got a shot of wheatgrass and the "I am grateful" grain bowl, my dad had some sort of fruit smoothie and a huge salad. not only did they really enjoy it, but they took a menu to go for meal inspiration @ home.

    as a meat eater, i thought it was a tasty, light lunch for a summer day---for my folks, they really appreciated the variety and healthy-ness of the food. i say try it out and make an attempt not to snicker while ordering (as difficult as that might be).

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      I don't know, I was at the one on Larchmont 2 weeks ago with a friend, I wasn't particularly riled by the hippie cult atmosphere but I found the food mediocre. I think I had something called "I am humble" (?), a sort of dal over brown rice with some corn, which was just sorta OK in a super bland, could use some spices category. Mushy, lukewarm and not particularly interesting. It reminded me a bit of school cafeteria food in its uninspired blandness. I know I can't really judge a place on the strength of one dish, but it didn't make me want to come back and try other things.

      1. re: bad nono

        my eggplant sandwich was a lighter (and yes, as you mention, blander), vegan version of an eggplant parm sandwich. it wasn't as good as getting one with mozzarella @ a place like bay cities, but it was fine for what it was and better than i thought it would be.

        i actually went in there with no expectations on liking the food, but was happy that there was a place close by that my parents could find a variety of menu choices. i thought the space was nice and my folks really liked what they ordered.

        it seemed like most of the other tables were eating salads (that may be the way to go). i would return if i was dining with a vegan friend but wouldn't necessarily go out of my way otherwise.