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Nice Dinner for Two Near White House

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Hello! I've been a lurker on the board for some time, and finally managed to get around the joining.

I'm trying to find a spot for a really nice dinner for two near the White House. I'd say maybe 4 blocks max walking distance. Maybe somewhere in the range of $200-300? I'd like something cozy and vibrant, but not loud or stuffy. Some of the locations I've come across as options:

The Oval Room - has had some good recommendations when I've searched, but it's not mentioned frequently. Has potential to be stuffy.

Siroc - Looks good, but I'm not sure it's "special" enough. Maybe $$?

Central - Have been before for a light meal and loved it! I wouldn't be against this, but leaning towards trying something new.

Marcel's - Good reviews, but I'm not big on fish and the menu appears littered with it. Also, the courses could make the meal come off as too formal.

Equinox - Has had some good word of mouth here, but I'm worried by some of the mixed reviews since the post-fire revamp. However, I am leaning towards this. The menu appears balanced with some interesting options.

Other suggestions I've seen, but I'm afraid will be too far outside my target area:

Blue Duck
Bistro Cacao

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  1. I would say Equinox but I haven't been recently.

    Central is pretty close by.

    1. Marcel's is 7 blocks from the White House. At that distance, many possibilities open up, including Proof at 8th and G Sts.

      1. Oval Room and Equinox are both very nice, but not stuffy. Bombay Club, in the same block as those two, has a really lovely dining room and old world service, if Indian food is an option.

        1. BLT Steak - the popover and $10 bacon and a dozen oysters! - AWESOME!!!!!!

          Oh yeah the steaks are top notch too, and the always have daily specials for folks who are a little less carnivorous.

          Walk half a block to the corner of 16th and I and you are staring across Lafayette Square at the White House. Stroll past the Hay Adams and go downstairs for a night cap at - Off the Record.

          1. Oval Room is not stuffy but the food is fantastic - one of the more underrated places in the city.

            1. I would go to Equinox...you'll have an unbelievable meal there. Their new chef (still under Chef Tood Gray's direction) was just named as one of Food and Wine Magazine's Best Chefs of the Year.

              If you are looking for a one of a kind meal that is cozy and quiet enough to hear your dining companion AND near the White House then Equinox is the place.

              You might also want to consider J&G Steakhouse. It's not your traditional dark, stuffy steakhouse. It's classy and sexy and understated. Some of the best service I've ever had in town. Plus after dinner you can head to the roof for a cocktail and an amazing view of the city.