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Aug 13, 2012 05:46 PM

Nice Dinner for Two Near White House

Hello! I've been a lurker on the board for some time, and finally managed to get around the joining.

I'm trying to find a spot for a really nice dinner for two near the White House. I'd say maybe 4 blocks max walking distance. Maybe somewhere in the range of $200-300? I'd like something cozy and vibrant, but not loud or stuffy. Some of the locations I've come across as options:

The Oval Room - has had some good recommendations when I've searched, but it's not mentioned frequently. Has potential to be stuffy.

Siroc - Looks good, but I'm not sure it's "special" enough. Maybe $$?

Central - Have been before for a light meal and loved it! I wouldn't be against this, but leaning towards trying something new.

Marcel's - Good reviews, but I'm not big on fish and the menu appears littered with it. Also, the courses could make the meal come off as too formal.

Equinox - Has had some good word of mouth here, but I'm worried by some of the mixed reviews since the post-fire revamp. However, I am leaning towards this. The menu appears balanced with some interesting options.

Other suggestions I've seen, but I'm afraid will be too far outside my target area:

Blue Duck
Bistro Cacao

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  1. I would say Equinox but I haven't been recently.

    Central is pretty close by.

    1. Marcel's is 7 blocks from the White House. At that distance, many possibilities open up, including Proof at 8th and G Sts.

      1. Oval Room and Equinox are both very nice, but not stuffy. Bombay Club, in the same block as those two, has a really lovely dining room and old world service, if Indian food is an option.

        1. BLT Steak - the popover and $10 bacon and a dozen oysters! - AWESOME!!!!!!

          Oh yeah the steaks are top notch too, and the always have daily specials for folks who are a little less carnivorous.

          Walk half a block to the corner of 16th and I and you are staring across Lafayette Square at the White House. Stroll past the Hay Adams and go downstairs for a night cap at - Off the Record.

          1. Oval Room is not stuffy but the food is fantastic - one of the more underrated places in the city.