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Aug 13, 2012 04:06 PM

First birthday - winter time recommendation?

Any sugestions on where i can do First birthday for my son in November?
Since its cold - do you think i can still do it in our backyard?

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  1. Are you looking for restaurant reccomendations or catering? If so, the answers will depend a great deal on the size of your party and what you are looking for in terms of vibe.

    Otherwise, consider consulting the Berkeley Parents Network birthday party page for ideas (and this post will probably be removed for being off-topic).

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    1. re: milklady

      Thanks MIlk Lady --

      i am looking for restaurant recommndations. or should i do it at home or indoor or backyard?
      there would be around 15 kids and respective parents.
      i was thinking of hiring a party entertainer -- for bubble games, baloon twisting.

      but not sure if its too cold for kids.

      1. re: soniar

        I think that this is off-topic for Chowhound (at least indoors vs. outdoors, games for kids, etc.). As a mom with 2 November kids, I certainly relate, but I will refrain from providing advice about those topics here.

        Where do you want the party? SF? East Bay? That info would help point you in the right direction.

          1. re: soniar

            Hi Soniar..I was trying to reply to your query on my post regarding gymboree. You can check out my review on yelp for gymboree sunnyvale. We had a great party. I would highly recommend it. Though not sure if your kid would enjoy himself(how mobile he is). Mine was two so he had plenty to play around. All the other kids ranging from 1 to 5 yr olds had a blast! Its a good enough time(2 hrs). We had taken starters(veg and non veg), juices etc. Ordered desi pizzas for adults and cheese for kids. They organise well, start the playttime, free play, then announce food time, then lastly cake cutting. They are very good with kids and also good attitude. Also give goody bags. I also got some theme specific favors in addition to that.

            1. re: Prads

              Hi Prads - Thank you very much for your response! After reading your post and yelp reviews, it helped me make my decision on celebrating it at GYmboree :) - My son loves GYmbo the clown and the activities out there. I really appreciate your inputs. We also plan to order desi pizzas from sunnyvale. What kindof starters did you get? Any places you can suggest to order from ? Thanks once again.

              1. re: Prads

                The place called Desi Pizzas in Sunnyvale closed awhile ago. So I'm curious where you're getting desi pizzas these days.

      2. We got starters from Costco frozen, heated and took them. I made some themed snacks. Pizzas I got from Tasty subs and pizzas from Sunnyvale. There is also pizza pub in Sunnyvale. You should check out both and see which one you like. I did that. There is two more in Fremont which are also good. Check out on yelp. I forgot the names.