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Aug 13, 2012 04:06 PM

LA wine and food fest, a puck event, did anyone go this year ?

How was it? Anything at all like the one-evening all you can eat and drink affair that was held at the Universal Studios backlot in previous years ???

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    1. My husband and I went to the Lexus Grand Tasting on Saturday. This was our first time so can't compare to previous event, but it definitely was all you could manage to eat and drink. The only problem was that the inside of the tent eventually became excruciatingly hot, so much so that people were standing in little groups under the places where they could feel cool air coming down. The best thing I ate was a delicious savory puff pastry thing from Susur Lee. Saw lots of familiar chefs--Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken, Floyd Cardoz, Nona Sivley (of Hell's Kitchen--she looks fabulous!) The most personable was Clark of Mark and Clark on Top Chef Masters. I would go again, but they really need to make sure that the issue of stifling heat is taken care of. Oh, and we had a terrific dinner that night at Rivera (as a bonus, Jimmy Smits was a few feet away.)

      1. I went to an event a few weeks ago that i really enjoyed. It was called an "evening on the beach."
        Held at the Jonathon the sand. Lots of chefs and wineries. Music and a bonfire. Even 'smores at the end of the evening. Really well organized. No long lines. And on the beach at sunset. Thought the $155 prize was very reasonable.

        1. I went. It was stiflingly hot—so much so that at the Grand Tasting on Saturday the white wine went first, unusually for Los Angeles. The event in the evening was actually a lot of fun though the lines got very long. Bouchon's raw bar was a hit, as was Paul Prudhomme's maque choux, and because of the temperature, the peach-and-bourbon ice pops. There was a concert by Third Eye Blind and people were just having an awesome time.

          I went to Guy Fieri's demonstration. He made a six-foot-long egg roll burrito and he made four cocktails in 45 minutes, including mojitos made in a plastic bucket with a baseball bat.

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            "I went to Guy Fieri's demonstration" Voluntarily or, by force?

            1. re: JAB

              Voluntarily; I was curious. I know people who know him and love him, and of course I know of his bro-tastic reputation.

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              i'm having trouble with "third eye blind" and "awesome time" being in the same sentence.

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                how much did it cost for the event. ? sounds good since paul prudhomme was there, the last time i went to the event in 08 i think he was there too with a shrimp st. charles dish.

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                  I believe the evening tasting was $275.

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                    i just googled the site and it looked like there were a dozen events during the weekend and some of them obviously overlapping each other. it seems to be much more confusing than years past. but i believe your evening tasting would be the most representative of the dinner that was served on the universal studios back lot years ago.

              2. I went to the Asian Street Fair Night which was a good value. ($75+fees) I saw/tasted Roy Yamaguchi (miso chicken on rice), Susar Lee (pastry with caviar), Ed from Top Chef Texas (spicy korean bite), Floyd from Top Chef Masters (His marinated crab on wonton bite with small cocktail to pair was my favorite bite of all), Mr.Chow restaurant (honestly my local chinese restaurant makes better Walnut prawns) Ming Tsai (spicy beef salad) -who posed with a bunch of eager lady fans and shouted sarcastically "I'm glad I'm married"), Andrew ZImmerman had the looooongest line for his booth which, sadly after 15 minute wait, I discarded because they were dry and not with the stomach space. There was also tons of booze- sake, cocktails, beer (Kirin and the less apropos Stella), and of course wine. My favorite wine there was Melville pinot noir and Alison Sweeney from the Biggest Loser was pouring for them. She was very chatty and sweet, and quite articulate about their wines. Apparently her husband is friends with the owner. I ate a lot of other things as well...Starry Kitchen, Sushi Roku, a chef that flew all the way in from China (spicy dumpling.) I have been to a few food events, but what was different about this one was A) The cohesion of having one theme for all of the food and B) It was at night, and had kind of a night club atmosphere, with a DJ, velvet dance floor, roving floodlights, couches, etc. And since LA has been suffering a heat wave, once the sun went down the 2nd half of the event was pleasant temperature.

                I'd go again.