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Aug 13, 2012 03:22 PM

Little Joe's Italian Beef SRQ. Gotta try it.

I found a coupon in the UCOUPONS magazine that is around Sarasota and it was for buy a sandwich get a drink,side and a frozen custard cone free. Hmmmm.... you have my attention. I went there for lunch today and it was quite a treat. Hot fresh sandwiches and dogs. Chips, fries, rings,fried shrooms, slaw. And custard...yum. the place was clean and neat, guys working were nice and friendly. I will be back. I had a Chicago dog, onion rings, a lemonade and a cone. Next time I want to try an Italian beef and I'll get back to you on my opinions. Hope you go and enjoy it. :-)

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  1. Thanks for the review, been wondering about that place. Interested in trying the Italian beef too. Only place for me though for hot dogs is Doggin' It on Fruitville, excellent!

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    1. re: Sunfire

      Had the Italian Beef and LOVED it!

      1. re: bobinken

        Haven't had the beef yet. I am hardly ever down that way. Have you had Tony's beef yet? How was Joe's in comparison? I haven't been there in a while. They make a good one.

        1. re: suzigirl

          I personally like Little Joe's beef better than Tony's.

          1. re: bobinken

            Good to know. I know the onion rings were damn tasty

      2. re: Sunfire

        LOVE Doggin' it. Bring a friend to share the tater tots. And go late afternoon after two thirty I think and the dogs are on special. Bring back the receipt from your last visit and get a discount too..:-) yummy

        1. re: Sunfire

          Went to get a lobster roll at Doggin' It and it is gone. They have been replaced by a place called Kacey's Seafood and More. I got a take out menu and it looks like they have lobster rolls too. I want to wait and see if they get any word of mouth before I pay 13.99 for a sandwich. Hope you got your fix before they went under

          1. re: suzigirl

            I know, I saw!! I did not get my fix either :( But it is the same owners...I think they just revamped the concept and are leaning more torwards seafood. Is it just a sit down restaurant now? I caught a glimpse outside but I didn't go in. Have you been to Yummy House yet? Been hearing buzz about that place now, may check it out soon.

            1. re: Sunfire

              Looks like you're correct. The menu says visit our sister restaurant The Lazy Lobster. I hadn't looked through the menu when I posted. It does look like a sit down place now. And as far as Yummy House goes, no I haven't been yet but I hear good things. We'll see how it is soon. Post for me when you try it.

        2. Oh yes, have had the tater tots! Even better with the cheese sauce! Have you tried the Lobster Roll? OMG it's awesome!!

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          1. re: Sunfire

            I have to remember the lobster roll the next time I am having a treat Suzi day. I love them but they are for sure a treat. Are they a good size? If so i will bring my friend and get tots and cheese sauce and split.

            1. re: suzigirl

              Oh yes, tater tots with cheese are plenty for two! You will enjoy! Let me know how you like the Lobster Roll, I was soooo pleasantly surprised :)

          2. Since you two have replied to this thread I have a hankering for an Italian beef and lobster rool in the worst way. I am going to get one shortly after the nuttiness of the holidays has passed and i can get the knots out of my stomach and enjoy a nice treat. Happy holidays to you both