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Aug 13, 2012 03:18 PM

Cuban place on Marathon?

There was a Cuban restaurant on Marathon back in the 20th century that had a great rendition of roast pork (that may have been barbecued?), and a memorable lobster bisque.

Any conchs out there know this place? Is it still around?

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  1. Back in '87,I worked at Hawks Cay kitchen 80 hours a week, wife taught at the Catholic school across the cut, and waited tables at that joint on weekends. I had the broiled fish, garlic sauce, plantains,ricenbeans every time I was there. Best year of my life.....

    1. didn't they have a raft on the wall that the owner floated in on?

      I remember having the deep fried fish that came standing up on your plate, looking like it was still swimming.

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        My wife and I would hit hit road as soon as we could, 50 minutes to Key West, watching the sun set. Buy a couple hand rolled cigars and watch the performers and merchants on 'Old' Mallory Square. .Kyushu for sushi was very good, every time. It was an 'education in seafood', letting the chef to fix whatever he wanted. yeah

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          But is it still around? Seems like this is the key question OP is asking.