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Aug 13, 2012 02:45 PM

turkish meal

want to plan a lunch time meal for 20 guest using traditional food items found in and around the country of turkey. I know maybe a good lamb chop would be good. maybe somthing with yourgart. please give direction. buffett style i believe would be best.

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  1. First off here is a link to familiarize your self with the cuisine in general:
    Now here is a recipe site by a Turkish contributor:
    I am sure if you some sort of preliminary menu or at least list of dishes that you are interested in the community will give you lots of feed back.

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      If you plan to use a grill, I have a recipe for a large lamb kebab called Shashlyk Five Fingers. I don't think I can give the link here, and the recipe's a bit too long to paste it here, but you can check out my blog :)

    2. For a buffet, I think you'd be happier with lamb meatballs. I can't imagine a medium rare lamb chop staying that way. Dolmas and imam biyaldi would also keep well, I would think. Throw in some flatbreads and a yogurt sauce and you're on your way.

      1. Ciya in Istanbul is a very famous restaurant and thiis one of his recipes. I have had this both at the restaurant and i have made it at home and i have to say (humbly ) that it is a great recipe. Hot or room temp. with a riata or without. delishious, easy and not so "foreign" that less adventurous eaters will be afraid.

        i also love this recipe for lamb burgers. Like another poster suggested you could make them into meatballs and serves room temp.

        1. A Turkish friend showed me a really simple & delicious way to do eggplant that can & should be done ahead. Just sauté eggplant rounds in olive oil until they're nicely browned. Arrange on platter. When they reach room temp, top with thick yogurt & very finely chopped garlic & parsley. A little Aleppo pepper if you have it sprinkled on top, adds color & heat.

          This is perfect for a buffet & IME never any leftovers!