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Aug 13, 2012 02:31 PM

hot, heavy, maryland crabs anywhere in the phila. metro area??

Do I have to wait to go to ocean city md. every year? Surely someone in phila/delco area must sell md. blues. you know, with the paper on the table, the beer cold, and the mallet ready. drool please help.

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  1. l go to Baltimore, specifically Essex at Bill's Terrace Inn. Only thing up here is Blue Claw in Burlington, NJ and they pre-steam w/o seasoning then re-steam when ordered and put a drop of seasoning on. Supposedly a place near Paulsboro, NJ, but l gave up years ago and just go to Maryland.

    1. Fat Boys Crabs on Rt 202 on the PA/DE line. Exactly what you're looking for. I could only find a FB page for them but their contact info is listed. They have multiple locations, you may want to call the number listed to get the details on the 202 location.

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        Here is a report on crabs in and near Wilmington from the Mid Atlantic Group, You might get a few more pointers there if you are willing to travel south but not all the way to Baltimore!

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          I clicked on the link, but I'm a little confused about what Fat Boys Crabs is. Is it a restaurant separate from Hadfield's seafood market, or is Hadfields selling Fat Boys crabs?

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            I'm not completely sure what the relationship is between Hadfields and Fat Boys. I think, Fat Boys has taken over the Hadfield's location. It is not a seperate restaurant within Hadfields.

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              I really don't think Fat Boys is at this Hadfield's location. I passed by there today and there was no signage about Fat Boys Crabs. There was a sign on Hadfield's advertising "gourmet to go" or something like that, but no Fat Boys.

        2. I mostly eat crabs at home.

          Like everyone else in the Philly area, I've heard of Chickie's and and Pete's.

          have you been?

          How about DiNardos?

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            Oh and I read great things about Crabby's Seafood and Suds on Rt 50 in Mays Landing

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              I literally just ate there for the first time last night.

              It was $39 a head for all you can eat Maryland blues on Sundays (only thing you get with it are fries or pasta...I did the fries and they actually were decent). We had a great time. It was spicy. It was good. It was messy Maryland style. We finished I think three trays between the two of us, though I know my partner could have gone for more if I wasn't getting exhausted and overloaded by that point. Service is what you'd expect - gruff and rough, get there mid-afternoon for a decent table.

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                Thanx for review and tip. I'm bound to get there sooner or later - I'm always good to go to a place that refers to beer as "suds".

          2. I just found that the Dresher Farm Market has crabs delivered every weekend from Maryland. They are pre-cooked and kept in a cooler, for take out. I have had them though and they are good and heavy-- and i like eating my crabs on my picnic table anyhow!

            We also frequently get crabs from Pike's Seafood near Ogontz on Washington Lane. They vary in quality, but they are steamed to order and you can order them spicy. Their seasoning is more like Louisiana crab boil, than Maryland style, but it is good and spicy. Also take out only.

            Don't bother with Chickie & Pete's if you are a Maryland crab aficionado.

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              re: Chickie & Pete's - not good? How so? I haven't had them but a friend has not voiced complaints.