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Best Eel / Unagi in GTA

Alright I'm so fairly addicted to this video right now..


Must acquire. Whose got the goods.

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  1. What preparation are you looking for? I don't know many places that don't use the packaged kind for things like Unagi Don.

    I have tried the Unagi in that video and it was the best Unagi I have ever had. It was like candy.

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      oooh that looks so good!
      Where did you have it N P.I.G?

    2. Oh man, you did not just post a Ryugin video and ask where to get it in TO. I might have to go all Charles Yu and scold you for being so foolish.

      Also, I am now starving. Geez.

      1. The best Anago ( sea eel ) and Unagi ( fresh water eel ) I have tasted outside of Japan was at Sushi Yasuda in NYC. Yasuda San actually told us ( me and fellow chowhounder Fourseason ) he bought live ones from both China town and other fish markets and make the products himself. Still, similar to NPIG's experience, IMHO, they were nothing near the Michelin 3* Ryugin in Tokyo or their 2* offshoot in Hong Kong!!

        Best eel I had in Toronto was at Sushi Kaji where he too made the product using live ones from scratch ( see photo ). It was OK!

        But then, its hard for one NOT to compare any Japanese food outside of Japan with the real Mc-Coy??!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          My bf has made it using fresh/live ones and it was one of the worst things I've ever seen. It was amazing but I personally don't ever need to see that again. :-)

        2. That looks amazing. So intense!


          1. You are torturing us! Looks so delicious. No chance finding that level of excellence in Toronto.

            If you are up for a different experience, Fisherman Clubhouse (Chinese) is known for their braised eel in black bean sauce.

              1. re: jennjen18

                it's compressed air, google ike jime.

              2. Doubt he'll do it but you can try asking the chef at Bosk (Jean Paul Lourdes) if he's willing to prepare it for you. He worked at Ryugin as the chef de cuisine.

                  1. re: happycamper

                    There are worse ways to kill an eel. This is actually the less gruesome way to do it.