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Aug 13, 2012 02:20 PM

Dining with child advice needed

So, we have selected the following as dining venues during a Seattle visit next month, based on what we have read on Chowhound and elsewhere. Next question is which of these is best for dining with a small child and which is better for just the four adults? We will have two nights with each configuration. The four are Spinasse; Book Bindery; Poppy; Sitka & Spruce.

Thank you all very much.

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  1. All decent or better restaurants; though, to me, Poppy is not on the same level as the others, which are all among my favorite in SEA.

    I don't think you would see small children at any of them, most likely. However, I did have an occaision where I brought two infants to Sitka and Spruce (with advance notice) and management was quite accomodating. Spinasse is so small with a substantial portion of seating at the bar (at least as of my last visit, pre-Artusi) that I would think it the worst for kids.

    1. I've taken my kid to Poppy. The menu can be challenging for even some adults (a good thing). They were able to whip something up for her. It is a larger place and can be loud, so it can work for a child. Plus, they've got a good dessert menu.

      I think Spinansse can work. They've expanded a bit, so there is a bit more space. Plus, most kids like pasta and this is some of the best in the city.

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        I also think Poppy would be fine. The decor is casual, the waitstaff is in jeans, and it's fairly loud and lively. The only issue I'd think would be the food itself, but it sounds like the other poster didn't have any issues. I love Poppy and think its a great pick. And I agree a kid would be in heaven with the dessert thali.

      2. We were in Seattle last week and dined at Poppy with our 4 year old daughter. They offered, right at the beginning of the meal, to make her some simple pasta. We took them up on it. Our daughter is fairly adventurous with food, but pasta is always a sure thing. What came was a bowl of beautiful, fresh pappardelle with light butter and some parm on the side. They must make pasta specially for kids. It was great. We also dined at Sitka and Spruce without our daughter because we thought it was going to be too fancy. It wasn't fancy at all. She would have been fine. There were people with shorts and sideways hipster hats. The food would have been fine for her too. We thought it was good, not great. They had just two entrees and they both had the same sides and plating. Simple to fault, in my book.