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Aug 13, 2012 02:13 PM

ISO feedback on Beyond Sushi and recs for authentic, upscale Japanese

A friend is in town from Switzerland who once lived in Japan and loves Japanese cuisine. We are going to go out to a nice dinner this Friday. She mentioned reading about Beyond Sushi and was interested in going there. When I looked it up, it looked like possibly more of a casual, possibly even take out type place and to tell you the truth, as an omnivore the menu didn't really inspire me.

My first question is, do I have it wrong? Is this place worth visiting for a nice dinner with two couples?

If not, where would you recommend? I remember I once got a couple of recommendations on here and one of the places that was supposed to be great was a small place in SOHO. It was closed for renovations when we tried to go and the name escapes me now. Any recommendations for a nice Japanese dinner (she's not into sushi and is mainly though not a strict vegetarian) would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Here's one of your old threads.

    Looking for great Japanese food, not sushi

    The biggest issues will be cost and being able to get in on Friday for a party of 4 at a reasonable hour.

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      Hah! That's my thread! For some reason I couldn't find it. Thank you!

    2. Beyond Sushi doesn't look authentic Japanese. More like "loosely Japanese inspired". No idea about the food or the experience...You can look into Kyoya or one of the semi-upscale izakaya like Aburiya Kinnosuke or maybe Blue Ribbon Izakaya. Or perhaps one of the robatayaki places.

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        I second BLue Ribbon Izakaya, also Robataya, and Kyoya. Omen is the only place in Soho.

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          Momokawa is another option and may be an easier seat for 4 on a Friday.

        2. I adore 15 East, second is Yasuda. Next on my to-try list is the small sushi bar at brushstroke.

          Best sushi is discussed practically every week. Here's a quite exhaustive thread from Dec '11 to yesterday.

          FWIW, I'd never even heard of Beyond Sushi. From its website it looks like healthy, NON authentic, silly rolls and such. Is it even sushi? Frankly, it looks ridiculously gimmicky.

          1. Beyond Sushi is a hole in the wall takeout spot, with a subway\chipotle like assembly. Its not bad but not a dinner destination. Its similar to some of the healthy macrobiotic department store places that cater to young office girls in Tokyo though. Were you thinking Omen?

            1. Donburi. East 80's. Fabulous food. A little bit different from most places, they do have meet and soba noodles and they don't even have sushi - although they do have sashimi.