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Aug 13, 2012 02:00 PM

Looking for Laguna Casual Lunch & Dinner Spots

We're heading to Laguna for a long weekend and will be staying at the St. Regis in Dana Point. I think we have most of our meals planned but wanted to get input on some casual spots for lunch and one of our dinners.

Places with an ocean view tend to have sub-par food, so a view would be great, but delicious food, even better.

-Casual lunch spot- do you like House of Big Fish or Nick's? Or something else? Would love to have some great seafood.

-Thoughts on best casual fish taco spot in Laguna? Baja Fish Tacos?

One of our more casual dinners we were thinking of trying K'ya Bistro. Thoughts?

Appreciate any help you can provide!

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  1. Cafe Zoolu is very casual and has some of the best fish anywhere.

    1. You might try Taco Loco for the fish tacos. I have not been in a while, but it is an institution.

      There is a new Italian place in the Holiday Inn of all places that is supposed to be very good:

      Coyote Grill in South Laguna is good for brunch. Very casual, little peek-a-boo view of the water from their patio. I does get crowded though. I like the enchiladas and eggs, with a Bloody Mary..

      1. We love Bear Flag for Tacos and Burritos. They have great quality seafood and it's a casual, order at the counter kind of place. There are locations on the Newport Peninsula and Newport Coast Shopping Center which is South Laguna.

        We also enjoy The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove-Such a fun place for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

        Enjoy your visit!

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          La Sirena Grill across from the Montage on PCH has the best organic and fresh mexican food with a california twist. We go there whenever we stay in Laguna. The location is super casual but the food is amazingly flavorful.

          Our favorites are the
          blackened salmon tacos and burritos (add pinto or black beans), bean and cheese burritios-love the pinto beans, any salad-they are fresh and amazing, they have a new miso salmon taco with a mango or papaya relish that is amazing, and any carne asada tacos, oh and the nachos are delicious, the list goes on.

          Whatever you do have a couple of beers or homemade mix- margaritas made with agave sweetner

          Dont forget the yummy cookies from the laguna cookie company the butterscotch and coconut cookies are the best!

        2. You NEED to try La Sirena Grill in South Laguna right accross from the Montage. You will not be disappointed. The freshess food and relatively healthy. Great selction of draught beers and delicious margs.

          The blackened salmon tacos/burritos are awesome!!! Their food has a delicious flavor profile unlike any place we have tried (even fine dining restaurants). To top it off visit the fresh salsa bar to complement their cornacopia of tasty delights. Don't forget the gormet coconut/butterscoth cookie for dessert. Kid friendly and just a nice place to take the family. We have have tried most menu items and they rock!!!

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          1. Cant wait till we are back in the area again