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Aug 13, 2012 01:46 PM

Kosher in Chicago

I will be traveling to Chicago on a regular basis and I need to know what my options are for food. Not supermarkets but restaurants. I will be downtown ( I think) on Walbash ave near the pier. I dont have a car there. Where can I go? What is good? what is open late?


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  1. The best place to start is the CRC website. They list all of the kosher certified places in the area.

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    1. re: chicago maven

      The CRC websource is a fruitless time-sink for anyone staying downtown. Reason is, it just gives addresses.

      Other threads on this list (search Chicago) tell you about a couple of sandwich options downtown. and a couple of place in the Jewish neighborhoods that deliver to downtown. Beyond that , you have to drive somewhere.

      1. re: AdinaA

        Taboun grill is accessible via the el and is open for dinner. It will be a 50 min trip though.

        MetroKlub at Crown Plaza is the only actual kosher restaurant near the loop area but it is only open for lunch mon-thur.

        1. re: Altalena

          Without a car, your options are nearly zero.

          Taboun is over an hour (each way) via public transportation. Aside from MetroKlub there's a sandwich stall at the French Market, which is a fairly far walk (as is MetroKlub) from your hotel. You can also take the train to Romanian and pick up some sensational sandwiches (and excellent hard salami - have them slice it for you).

          I often suggest that travelers get a ZipCar for a few hours and head up to the neighborhoods where the Kosher restaurants are.

        2. re: AdinaA

          I said it was a good place to start, not the answer to all of their problems! And what's wrong with an address and phone number. Most people are intelegent enough to pick up the phone and call the restaurant. bTW, there is a person that delivers in the Chicago area.
          There is now a delivery service available for the downtown area
          and other sections of Greater Chicago.
          Yoni Kirschner

          His information is also on the CRC website, but don't waste your time looking at it.

          1. re: chicago maven

            Oh yes, that's the service I referred to in my post - Chicago Kosher Dinner!
            Thanks for the update, I might need it soon for work!

            1. re: lenchik

              I just went on the CRC website and I see that they now have the restaurants listed in geographical areas. This should help the visitors.

              1. re: chicago maven

                OMG - that was NOT there yesterday! So cool, even the delivery service info is there! I also wish they would update their Android app to include restaurant listings. I don't think that's currently available...

              2. re: lenchik

                the delivery guy will be most helpfull. Thanks. Anything open late? Is

                1. re: KosherChef

                  Taboun is open until 9:30. Most places close around then (or earlier).

                  1. re: ferret

                    Shallots usually does the last seating at 9, and is technically open until about 10:30 or 11.

        3. To add to previous posters. I work about 20 minutes South of downtown (not anywhere close to kosher establishments) and when we require kosher options, we arrange to have meals delivered from Metroklub. Delivery is not so cheap, I think it's about $20, so your lunch/dinner would cost around $50 if you have it delivered. Kotel Kosher doesn't open until 10am I think, but you can pick items up there as well. Lastly, the South Loop Synagogue has boxed sandwiches from the Sandwich Club, which are about $10 and can be picked out around lunch time. If you choose to go that route, you should consider calling them in advance. Restaurants such as Tein Li Chow (Chinese), Taboun Grill (Israeli), etc., will also deliver to you, which would once again be around $25 for delivery. I believe I had seen a post at some point regarding a delivery service that will bring food from any kosher restaurant for you for $25. Search this board, you might find it.

          1. Oh, there's also a threatened Kosher BBQ joint that was rumored to open in the fall in Lakeview/Wrigleyville. Still a schlep but only about 20-25 minutes each way by train.


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            1. re: ferret

              Yup, that and a sushi bar in Evanston, Totally not close by but nevertheless oh so exciting!

              1. re: lenchik

                Um, from what I understand, the sushi bar will be on the Chicago side of Howard St @ the SW corner of California.