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Aug 13, 2012 01:28 PM

Bottled Carbonated Iced Tea?

Are there any bottled Carbonated Iced Tea drinks?

You know, like Snapple but with bubbles?

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      don't know where the distribution goes, but Lipton also sells Liptonic carbonated iced tea in Europe.

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        Clearly Candadian also used to make a carbonated, colorless Iced tea; though I don't know if they still do (I don't even know if Clearly Cannadian even exists anymore).
        Also some "active" culture Kombutchas are carbonated, as they are designed to ferment in the bottle.

        1. re: sunshine842

          Thanks sunshine842.

          I had heard of the Lipton ones but never find any on store shelves.

        2. I have not encountered such.


          1. I thought I had recalled drinking a carbonated iced tea by Lipton, so I tried to recreate the effect by carbonating a jar of sun tea with my SodaStream. Not only did the attempt to carbonate tea result in a mess on the level of the Boston Tea Party, but the results were bitter and sharp tasting. This is one drink best served flat.

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              the stuff sold in Europe is very sweet (much sweeter than most European soft drinks) -- and carbonated iced tea was just weird to me. Judging by the amount of the product on store shelves (not that much!) I can only assume it's not really all that popular.