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Aug 13, 2012 01:19 PM

Easy dinner near Delta Chelsea

Staying at the Delta Chelsea for the next two nights and looking for a good dinner option. I like interesting and delicious food. A veg option for my traveling companion would be good. Hoping to spend no more than $20/25 per person (without drinks), but less would be fine. Doesn't need to be an upscale restaurant experience. Order-at-the-counter would be fine - the priority is good food.

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  1. Queen And Beaver right across the street on Elm has quality food and a welcoming environment.

    Probably one of the better options right there.

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    1. re: gwanderc

      +1 for Queen and Beaver.

      Spadina Garden on Dundas at Bay is also a tasty option - try the spicy chicken with peanuts

    2. You're close to Dundas W which has lots of reasonable Chinese options. Try Lee Garden for the Hong Kong style quick and delicious experience. It's one of the cleaner fresher options.