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Aug 13, 2012 01:17 PM

Beijing Lamb Bone Pots at Beijing J K Tasty House in Rosemead

It wasn't that long ago that the various boards were discussing the relative lack of Beijing style food in the US, particularly compared with the abudance of Shanghai style food. However, things seem to have since picked up in that regard, such that we've started to see more narrowly focused Beijing offerings, e.g., Beijing Pie House. Newly opened in Rosemead is Beijing J K Tasty House located in what used to be known as Builder's Square in Rosemead, whose feature item is something called lamb bone pots. I really don't know what they are, but from the pictures they seem to be some kind of dry pot, as opposed to a soupy hot pot. I'll let someone more familiar with this dish try it out first. I did try the Beijing dragon rolls, basically a mantou jelly roll with ground pork in lieu of jelly. Interesting, but unremarkable. Interestingly, the more generic steamed cod fillets, prepared in the manner associated with whole steamed fish, was outstanding. Lamb skewers are pictured on the menu (their menu is actually a picturesque delight) but were unavailable today. Beijing JK Tasty House is at 8118 Garvey Ave., #B, in the location previously occupied by a Korean tofu restaurant.

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  1. On Yelp somebody mentioned buy 2 entrees get 1 free? Did you know anything about it?

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      Yes, there is a sign to that effect in the window. Free entree has to cost less than the two that you pay for.