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Aug 13, 2012 01:02 PM

Coming from recs appreciated

Hi all. We are heading to New Orleans/Baton Rouge in a month to watch your football team beat up on ours (University of Washington). Not only will it be my first time to New Orleans, but first time to the South. I'd like to line up dinner reservations for two nights. Thinking one "big name" restaurant that offers more of a non-cheesy tourist atmosphere (are Emeril's restaurants good, aside from them being Emeril's??), and one off the beaten path type place where it's mostly locals and the food is the focus. We are adventorous eaters, and within reason, cost is not a factor. Any recs would be very much appreciated. Bonus points to throw in quick lunch places as well. Thanks, in advance.

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  1. That's a pretty broad question. I suspect you'd be able to sift through earlier posts and get a good idea of what is Out There. Looks like you will be attending the game. Does that mean you want to return to NOLA that night for a late dinner? Or do you want Friday and Sunday nights? Lots to be considered here. Also, if you have a local guide you might get hooked up with a tailgate and you probably won;t want to eat too much after that, if history is any guide.

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      I know it's broad...and I hate to be that guy, and I will check some other threads. Even 4 or 5 top local restaurants to give me a base line would be appreciated. We are spending Wed, Thu and Friday night in New Orleans, and Saturday night in Baton Rouge.

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        Where are you staying in NO? French Quarter, Garden District, Canal Street

    2. My wife and I returned to our home in Seattle one week ago, after six wonderful days in New Orleans. Our experienced is recounted in detail here:

      My personal favorite meal of the trip was at Emeril's (flagship in the Warehouse District). We had very good experiences at two "off the beaten path" spots: Atchafalaya (Irish Channel) and Elizabeth's (Bywater).

      You will have a great time in New Orleans...Enjoy!

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        Brilliant. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

      2. Other than Emeril's flagship, I avoid Emeril restaurants. "BIG NAME" restaurants to me speak the grand dames - Galatoires, Antoines, Arnauds. I also recommend August (John Besh) i had one of the most memorable meals there a month ago. For local off the beaten path places i suggest, Brightsens, Clancys, Gautreaus, Lillete.

        Lunch places - get a muffaletta at Central Grocery (1/2 will feed 3 people), Po-Boy at Johnny's, charbroiled oysters at Draggo's (Hilton Riverside).

        Finally, you MUST go to Cochon Butcher for lunch - you will not regret it.

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          Restaurant August is a favorite of ours, but I do have to state that none of Emeril's restaurants have been even weak, other than the wine service at Delmonico, but they were fairly new, back then. While we enjoy the meals at Emeril's, we have also enjoyed his NOLA, though it gets panned on this board.


          PS - just took friends from the Coast to August, and it has now become their favorite restaurant.

        2. While Emeril is Emeril, his restaurants are almost always good. I am not a fan of his TV persona, especially after he began "Emeril Live." I found him much better before.

          That said, I am a fan of G W Fins, at the edge of the French Quarter. They specialize in local seafood (something that one from Seattle should appreciate), and with mostly local preps (something that all should appreciate).

          Though others will nail me on this, I am a fan of Stella!, near the back of the FQ.

          Also, if you have never dined there, Galatoire's is a must in my book. Do NOT think about "Health Mark," or grilled food, but just sit back, let your server fill in what you should order, and enjoy.

          Travel safely,


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