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Aug 13, 2012 12:53 PM

Harry Caray's vs Portillo's

Our flight does not get fly into Midway until 9:00 and we will be looking for a place in the direct area of our hotel Dearborn/Ontario for dinner. Maybe something gimmicky and casual. Both Harry Caray's and Portillos are close and was thinking one of them. Does anyone have a preference of one over the other or any other suggestions.


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  1. Totally different. Harry Caray's is an Italian steak house while Portillo's is hot dogs, italian beef and terrific chocolate cake.

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      Caray's is table service while Portillo's is counter service. Caray's has full bar, if that makes a difference. Another good option is Quartino, right around the corner from your hotel. Kitchen's open late, nice Italian small plates menu and you can also eat at the bar.

    2. Other suggestions within a few blocks of your hotel, all delicious, all casual, all open till 11:00 pm or later:

      Sable (contemporary American small plates and craft cocktails) -
      GT Fish & Oyster (seafood small plates) -
      The Purple Pig (Mediterranean) -
      Quartino (Italian small plates) -
      Cafe Iberico (tapas) -
      Uno and Due (deep-dish pizza) -

      1. I love Portillo's for what it is but there is no comparison to the others. Hit Portillo's for a great lunch.

        1. Thanks everyone for the help we will hit up Porillos for lunch one day and Quartino when we fly in.

          Thanks again

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