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Aug 13, 2012 12:32 PM

Good places to sit and have a slice of chocolate cake in St. Paul or northern 'burbs

I'm looking for a place with seating (bakery, coffee shop, etc.) that offers good chocolate cake by the slice. I'm aware of Cafe Latte, of course, but what else is there in St. Paul? To get very specific, I'm interested in any of the following neighborhoods: Summit-University, Midway, Mac-Groveland, Merriam Park, Summit Hill, Crocus Hill, Highland Park, West Seventh, maybe Como or St. Anthony Park. NOT downtown or on the west side.

And are there ANY such bakeries in the northern 'burbs? Roseville, Arden Hills, New Brighton, Mounds View, Fridley, Columbia Heights, Spring Lake Park... Actually, NE Minneapolis would be okay, too.

I enjoy Cafe Latte, but I wanted to see if there are other options for cake by the slice in the areas I most often frequent.

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  1. Shish Cafe on Grand Ave has nice cake.

    1. I really like the house Chocolate Cake from Key's, of which there are a few that fit your neighborhood requirements.

      I also really like Cupcake which is 280 and University and has a lot of variations of chocolate cake.

      I wish I could think of more....I'm also always on the look out for good cake.

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        I thought of another good spot....Highland cafe and bakery in Highland Park. They make all their cakes in house and they have a number of good ones.

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          And if you want to venture to Brooklyn Center, the 50's Grill also has a really wonderful homemade chocolate cake. They make all their desserts in house in the attached bakery.

        2. Also like Shish. Best Turtle Cake in town - better than Cafe Latté. Can get crowded, though. Especially now that Coffee News is closed.

          1. Was just at Cheeky Monkey last night and they have Flourless Chocolate Torte by the slice. I've not had it, but I love all their other desserts so I'm assuming this is good as well.

            1. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I had no idea about Cheeky Monkey and Shish offering slices of cake, had never heard of the Highland Bakery or 50s Grill (it might be a bit of a drive for just a slice of cake, but I'm willing to try it!), should have thought of Key's. Lots of great places to try!