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Aug 13, 2012 12:12 PM

Wegmans / Sams Club in Ocean County ?

As we all know Ocean county is a wastland when it comes to food .We can use Wegmans and/or Sams clubs.
Why are'nt they in the plans .It seems that the demographic will suport either one ...The New Walmart on hwy 37 has staled .If the Walmart goes through will Sam's be far behind ?
Any one with an answer ??

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  1. I always assumed the Wegmans on Route 35 in Ocean, NJ was indeed in Ocean County. But West New York, NJ is not in NY and North Bergen is not in Bergen County. So it's not a safe assumption.

    1. I really see NO value in a Sam's Club. I was a member once a while ago, (in Atlantic County) and quickly figured that sometimes the better price and deals were NOT at Sam's. It was very low end and not worth it at all.
      For Bulk buying I am all about Costco. They keep their prices to a strict 15%, plus their brand tends to be pretty good.

      Large Box stores are the ones who decide if it is worth their while to enter into a new location. I see nothing in the Ocean country area, so far to warrant their interest in development. The demographics, just aren't there, yet for something like Wegmans. Plus you have to look at the economy.

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        There is a Costco on Rt. 70 in either Toms River or Brick right off exit 88. I use to belong to the Costco in Edison when I lived in that area......they carried liquor which was a HUGE bonus....I knew people in the industry that would say with Costco's buying power they sold wine(s) at lower prices than mom and pop type liquor stores could purchase it from distributors.

        It's my opinion that Wegmans is on the higher end of supermarkets and I don't think the demographics of the Toms River/Brick area are higher end shoppers. Although Wegmans meat, produce, deli, butcher area's are good.....I don't find the rest of their shopping to be that great. In my opinion they limit the amount of product variety they carry trying to push their own brands too much.

        For bulk shopping I belong to BJ's........I have no complaints.

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          There's a Costco on Route 72 in Manahawkin...

          1. re: newfie29

            Yepper and the BJ's is next to Walmart. And Target just put in a grocery section, so within a half mile, shop and get the best prices, no problem. Tho' I never go to the ShopRite on 72. I go to the one in Waretown, bigger, cleaner, nicer, better all around.

          2. re: jrvedivici

            I have a Costco and a BJ's literally 5 miles down the road. Costco always wins for me.
            I think I was in a Wegman's once, while travelling in NY state a few years back. I was that impressed that I don;t recall it. ;-)

            While I do travel to the Cherry Hill area to hit up some food places, I miss in this area (H-Mart, WF and Trader Joes) one of those trips every 4-6 weeks serves.

            If I were to wish for a grocery to come to Ocean County, I'd pick Fairways. I used to shop in their Red Hook location and loved the store.

        2. Just read the Consumer Reports Magazine for May 2015 and the supermarkets surrounding the Toms River area are all going towards the worse category.
          We need a Wegman's which is number 1 or Fareway Stores which is number 3. The number 2 store is PUBLIX which is all over Florida. Stop N Shop a horror according to this report.