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Aug 13, 2012 12:10 PM

Ft. Lauderdale recs

New OrleansC' Hound will be in Ft. Lauderdale, staying on SE 17th Street. Would appreciate restaurant recommendations...nearby and any MUST GO to restaurant in the area.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Eduardo de San Angel. Upscale gourmet Mexican in a lovely room. Solid service rounds out the experience. Can't wait until my December visit!

    1. Market 17
      1850 SE 17th St.
      Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

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        G&B Oyster on the intracoastal
        Valentino's - Federal Hwy
        3030 Ocean at Marriott Harbor Beach

      2. Le Tub in Hollywood Beach.

        1. Canyon on US1 and Federal, amazing!

          Also, The Grateful Palate on 17th st.

          1. if upscale & creative comfort food is your thing: Foxy Brown on US1/Federal Hwy & Broward Blvd., Mason Jar on Us1/Federal Hwy & Oakland Blvd (just south of Oakland on Federal)., Market 17, and for a more casual but extremely comforting and creative week day lunch try 11th Street Annex on 11th Street & Andrews Ave.

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              Thanks for all of the recommendations...will have to put them to good use after Issac
              passes by. Good luck to all of you in the storm's path.