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Aug 13, 2012 11:00 AM

Anyone Try Recipes from the "Seven Fires" Cookbook?

Francis Mallman's book "Seven Fires," was a big hit when it came out, all about the Argentine way of grilling meat. I just received it for my birthday and am excited to try out the recipes. Maybe not even "recipes," so much as techniques.

Has anyone used this book? Which meal should I try first?

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  1. The burnt carrots are terrific, but i did not use nearly as much cheese. I had this dis at his restaurant in Mendoza, Argentina last year and it was terrific, as was everything else we ate.

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      Thanks, Fred. I bet that was a good meal. Have you tried any of his methods or recipes at home?

    2. I'm a year late to this thread but I have cooked a whole cow and lambs using it. It is a great book. If you search you will see the pictures.