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Aug 13, 2012 10:40 AM

Ahi Source?

I am planning on making a large serving of ahi poke this coming weekend for a party and was wondering if anyone had a source where it was good quality but will not break the bank. I understand you get what you pay for and should not skimp on raw fish...I just wanted to know if anyone had something new.

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  1. Catalina Offshore Products; The Fish Market (they have a market in the front); Point Loma Seafood.

    1. Perfectly good grill grade Ahi at Costco Morena...relatively inexpensive.

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      1. re: deckape

        Agree with Costco on the Ahi...just make sure the package date is the same day..breaks down to quick to buy next day.

      2. Now that the sources were shared you have to share your poke recipes!

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I buy my grilling salmon from Costco and it didn't occur to me to get ahi there!
          As for poke recipes, it depends on my mood. A few weeks ago I bought fresh ogo from the Carlsbad Aquafarm stand at the Little Italy Farmer's Market so that day it was only ahi, ogo, hawaiian red salt and a touch of sesame oil. Super simple but so good when everything is fresh!

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              I know! I had to buy it when I saw it!