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Aug 13, 2012 09:52 AM

Taro in Montreal?

Any leads on where I can find it? I have a passel of yummy sounding recipes from the last issue of VegNews that center on taro, but it's no-go out here in the Townships.

And if not taro, acceptable substitutes (yucca, perhaps).

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  1. Almost all Asian supermarkets in Montreal sell it. Other options would be Sami Fruits as well African, Caribbean and Latino places.

    1. I would imagine at any good grocer in Chinatown. If I'm passing by there I'll

      stop in and check. But I'd be surprised if someone doesn't carry it.


        I was thinking you could contact Marche Hawaii by email - they should have it - although they are off the beaten track, on the outskirts of Montreal. They have a great web-page though.

        1. I've bought some at Kim Phat in Brossard in the past