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Aug 13, 2012 08:59 AM

Outside Lands 2012, Picks and Pans

Outside Lands has come and gone. Its a hard venue to review for a board like this since there is no chance to properly sample all offerings, and the advice comes too late for others to benefit. But most of the vendors are available year round, and it was fun with lots of good food and drinks, so let's share our picks and pans of the festival.

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  1. My top picks overall:
    - Lamb Poutine
    - Sierra Nevada Saison

    The poutine might make a Québécois cringe. Not the right curd, not enough curd... but man this was a delicious snack. The gravy was magic. Longest line I endured, but worth it. I did not buy into the BeerLands schtick, but with the Sierra Saison avaiable from the Beer Camp near my favorite stages, I was a happy camper.

    Other good eats:
    - Poki from Pacific Catch
    - Rosamunde's beer sausage

    1. I think I picked wisely, so most everything I had was tasty:

      4505 "best damn cheeseburger" - thin patty but good burger overall. nice pickles.
      4505 fried chicken yum yum - best thing i ate
      Whole beast lamb poutine - could definitely tell they were fried in oil and lamb fat
      Whole beast lamb gyro - really tasty lamb

      OK: Nombe Hot Fries - nice sauces but fries weren't that special

      Agree on the Saison, I think the Torpedo was nice too.

      1. wish i had noticed this earlier - was tempted by the lamb.

        my first night i was starving and not feeling patient so i grabbed tater tots from Q - even though i could see them cutting open the boxes they had ordered from elsewher, they were delicious - there was something unusual they did with them, not to mention they had a great variety of dipping sauces.

        had an excellent ricotta and artichoke sandwich from luella.

        finally got to try del popolo - very good, although nothing amazing.

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        1. re: vulber

          I was with a colleague from Bologna who has moved here. He marvels at the SF craze for pricey pizza. He thought the Del Popolo pizza looked just right, but the price, the size, and the line made no sense to him. Pizza is supposed to be "del popolo" -- of the people -- not some elusive, expensive gourmet prize.

          So we ordered from Rosamunde instead and he was happy by comparison. Me too. But I would like to try Del Popolo sometime. It does look good.

          1. re: BernalKC

            $10 isn't that much for a margherita pizza....given that it's a food truck making pizza to order, i'm not really sure they can do much about the line

            1. re: vulber

              I tend to agree about Del Popolo. Just reporting my friend's Italian, recent emigre, contrarian POV that just does not understand what pizza is here, and how it has become an object d'art. For him, pizza is supposed to be prepared like Del Popolo's, be considerably larger, cheaper, and plentiful, ordinary, something you get on the street corner more or less anywhere - not a rare, premium, gourmet treat.