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Aug 13, 2012 08:02 AM

Buying my first Vitamix and I'm a bit confused

I'm splurging this week and I'm buying my first Vitamix blender, but i'm confused about which one I should get. I like the Professional Series 300 & 750 mostly because I heard they are quieter than the 5200, and it has the shorter and wider carafe. The 5200 on the other hand is cheaper and from what I hear is still perfectly fine. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with the different models?

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  1. The 300 Pro and the Creations Elite both use the same motor base, but the 300 has the 64 oz. container and the elite has a 48 oz. one. QVC is having a special offer on Vitamix on 8/26. They usually give you great prices and extras. I'm hoping the TSV is the Elite model. I would wait until then. The elite has a 5 year warranty though. Last time they had it, it was $429.00.

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      The 5200 has a similar base to the various Creations models. You can purchase and use an optional 32 oz, 48 oz or 64 oz container on any of them. The blades are interchangeable between the 32 oz and 64 oz containers. However, the 48 oz container (from QVC) comes with a unique blade that has a long gear sprocket that prevents its use in the 32 oz or 64 oz containers.

    2. Depends, do you really think you need the preprogrammed functions or the pulse feature? How important is it that it fit on your counter under the cabinets?

      I have the 5200 and I have no desire for any of that stuff. I don't leave it on the counter, and I can't see myself ever using a pulse feature on the Vitamix, let alone the programming functions. I love that mine came with the 64 oz container. The only benefit I see of the new models is that you don't need to buy the dry container to grind grains.

      Seeing that the 5200 is down to 329.00 for a reconditioned one if I didn't already have one, I'd buy it in a minute. That is a great price. I bought my dry blade container for 107.