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Aug 13, 2012 07:05 AM

New Chinese place in Vienna

Check it out --- real hand-pulled noodles (lanzhou style).
Good stuff -- you can watch the guy pulling in the window, per order. I wanted to ask him for some lessons :-).

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  1. Thanks. The menu looks good. What did you eat?

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    1. re: MarietteB

      We went for lunch and had the beef noodle soup ( 1st thing on the menu ), and it was very good.
      Lanzhou stye, not Taiwan style type of beef soup.

    2. Other than a good noodle-pulling show, what did you think of the food? I was there a few weeks ago with my Vienna Sunday dinner friends who aren't too adventuresome, tend to look for their favorites and had to scramble a bit there. I had a Sizzling Chicken in Casserole (Noi Ga Chien), I think, that was quite tasty but the pieces of chicken on the bone were too messy to eat.

      There's quite a bit of "real Chinese" on the menu but the lunch menu looks like plain ol' Chinese restaurant fare. I might go back there for a soup lunch when the weather gets more soup-like.

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      1. re: MikeR

        We did the opposite and went had noodles for lunch. They do have a big menu, and were tempted to get some other dishes as well, but only got a vegetable.

        Thought that the noodles were excellent.
        We did also get a side of veggies with garlic... which was just ok -- nothing special. That ended up being like $12 which was kind of surprising, and disappointing.
        But we'll be back for the noodles.

      2. We went here the other night. My husband had the duck noodle soup - he said the noodles were great, he was so-so on the soup part, but said he'd like to go back and try more dishes from their very long menu. He thought the ducks hanging in the window, in particular, looked really tasty. I had ma po tofu, which was fine, although not as good as that at Hong Kong Palace. My father had the shredded chicken pan friend noodle, which he raved about (it was really tasty). So, we definitely plan to go back sometime soon.

        It's a cute place, too, on the inside.