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Aug 13, 2012 07:03 AM

Emailing to Venice restaurants - get no reply - help please?

I am trying to reserve dinners at the following restaurants for our trip to Cannaragio in the last week of August:

- Osteria al Cantinon
- Pizzeria Trattoria All’Anfora
- Bentigodi di Chef Domenico
- Gam Gam
also Alla Fontana.

But I get no reply. Do you think we could just show up and get a table? Have you ever received an email from any of these and what email address did they use? Or can you book any of them via Top Table or simiilar?

Thank you for your help.

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  1. mostly we have just showed up (at the early end) and gotten tables in Venice. I dont know how it plays in the last week of August, however. If you are taking a non-reserving approach its better to go to some of the areas where there are clusters of restaurants so there is a fallback.

    1. The places on your list are small informal places; if you have given them a few days to reply, most likely they don't bother with email reservations or they are closed for part of August. If reservation is important for you, call them when you get to Venice or drop by in the morning (all except for All'Anfora are clustered together so you can hit all of them on a walk). For those on your list, good chance that you'll get a table by just showing up.

      Forget about such as Top Table; Venetians can't be bother with them.

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        Thank you both very much - I may ask the hotel to call them when we get there - I don't want to go there and find they are shut for August!

        Has anyone been to any of those restaurants, or know other ones in the vicinity (Ghetto area in Cannaragio)?

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          Im not really a proponent of apps overall as a substitute for doing research, but the Scibilia TAP app for Venice, which seems to be the same info as her excellent book, might be a good pickup for you. It (and her book which is available in Venice) will give you a number of current choices over in your area, including Alla Fontana, which we have walked by and eyed longingly several times. Gam Gam is not very good IMO. Good maps too in the book.

          link to the source for the app is here

          Anice Stellato is close to where you will be and there are a couple other restaurants nearby on the same canal (one cluster)

          1. re: jen kalb

            Anice Stellato looks lovely thank you - but I still cannot find an email address to book it? I shall add it to the list for the hotel to call if one of the others is closed for August.

            I am not an App person, sorry, my lifestyle doesn't need a smartphone - I work from home - am humanist wedding etc celebrant - so if I am out I am with a family and would not want to start taking phone calls.

            1. re: worldtraveller99

              Im with you on the smartphone - and Venice restaurants mostly arent set up for email booking - Italy is still mostly a verbal country . I would recommend the Scibilia book, it will pay for itself if you are in Venice more than a couple days, and need to find restaurants for lunch etc as you are walking around. its not always possible to pre-plan. and its quite a comprehensive guide to the good places, also presented on a map.

          2. re: worldtraveller99

            Osteria Al Cantinon: had a nice dinner there about 5 years ago. Sorry not recently.

            Pizzeria All'Anfora: very good pizza for Venice; if you do go, stick with the pizza and antipasti as practically no one orders from the other parts of the menu. It is a large place, therefore, you won't need reservation, maybe for tables in the back garden. Except for the very spartan Pacifico near our apartment, it is our place to go for pizza.

            Others I have not been. Gam Gam was mentioned on an earlier long post regarding to 'vegetarian' eating. Just type the restaurant name and on the search function and it should pull up. If you can be specific what what types of eating place you are looking for: type of food, budget, ambience, etc, you'll get some good replies.

            Cannaregio is probably the best area for eating, full of good bacari, osterie and trattorie and for all budgets. Just search earlier posts on this board and there will loads of recommendations. Unlike many cities in Italy, restaurants in Venice do not close In August, at least not the entire month. You should be fine the last week.

        2. I would show up to Gam Gam early. I've gone a few times for lunch, and while you can wait for a table, the restaurant is very small and there has always been a queue. You could drop in during the afternoon to reserve for that evening. As far as I recall the staff speak English, so I wouldn't be afraid of language.
          The restaurant is very simple and very enjoyable with really tasty food. It's in the Ghetto and serves kosher food including both vegetarian and meat dishes. It's inexpensive at around €10 - €12 for a main course.

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          1. re: BrianGilligan

            Thank you for that - also Gam Gam have replied to my email, so our table is booked hooray.

            So far only Osteria al Cantinon Veneziano and Bentigodi di Chef Domenico have not replied, and Alla Fontana does not have any email at all - unless you know one please?