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Aug 13, 2012 06:49 AM

Solo Dining at EMP

Has anyone dined alone at EMP before? If so, how was the experience? I've never been to EMP so am not sure whether it would be an awkward restaurant for solo dining. However, I just got a promotion and would like to treat myself to an incredible meal. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. In it's current format dining solo is a wonderful experience both in the main dining room OR in the bar area. Things will be changing soon format wise (I long running discussion on this board) so no one could really speak to what will happen post Labor Day but I can't imagine the changes they are making would make the solo experience any less fantastic.

    Regarding the bar dining suggestion, if you want to treat yourself due to a promotion, go for the main dining room.

    1. I've dined solo at EMP and found it to be a wonderful experience! The staff was very friendly, and the always wonderful service was even more attentive. Congratulations and you should definitely have dinner in the dining room. I am confident that you will love it.

      1. For lunch or dinner? They serve the regular dining room menu at the bar for lunch. But switch to an a la carte menu at the bar for dinner (fewer extras). If you're uncomfortable at a table, the bar might be the way to go.

        As Spiritchaser mentions above, this is all due to change after Labor Day.

        The dining room EMP usually books up 28 days in advance (4 weeks including the current day) the morning that new reservations are available at 9am, so hopefully you can still get in.

        I just checked OpenTable and there's nothing at all for a party of 1 within the next 28 days.

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          I think you have to call them. I dine alone a lot and have noticed that certain restaurants don't allocate "1-tops" for OpenTable.

        2. Well, I'd love to go before Labor Day to experience the current format but it looks like getting a reservation for dinner will be impossible. As of now, there is nothing available on Open Table. I'm pretty flexible with date/time though...I'm thinking maybe I should go for lunch instead. There are no reservations available during lunch either but at least I can sit at the bar and enjoy the regular menu! Does anyone know how hard it is to get a seat at the bar for lunch? Thanks everyone!

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            The bar area is not just the dozen or so bar seats but also a small banquette, with 4-5 tables, If I recall correctly. If you get there right when it opens I don't think you'll have a problem.

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              First, please try calling the restaurant directly, especially if you are flexible enough to do same day dining, you may just get something. Lunch is only during the weekdays, dinner is six days no Sunday. Seating at the bar can be hit or miss depending on day of week, time, etc.

              Oh and if you could happen upon a lunch in the dining room that's a great idea, it's beautiful during the day.

              1. re: Spiritchaser

                Good idea, just be aware that they'll have a very long wait list. The recent NYT article said 200 names on the wait list for dinner nightly!