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Aug 13, 2012 06:37 AM

Indiana, PA?

Any restaurants worth checking out in Indiana, PA? I searched here a bit but didn't find anything.

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  1. That's my hometown, and unfortunately...not really.

    Naps Cucina Mia is your best best for a quality dining experience.

    9th street Deli makes a great sub

    The Meadows for custard - get an artic swirl (like a DQ blizzard but better)

    Romeos has decent pizza, Capri pizza in the mall is kind of a hidden gem - NY/Bar style pizza, very thin. I'm usually content with Pizza House (not to be confused with hut) though nostalgia may be coming into play.

    Cozumels is pretty popular for Mexican food.

    Coney might have decent burgers/wings/and a bit of a scene.

    A lot of people like Benjamins..I'm not crazy about it.

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        You got it, please let me know where you end up and what you think.

        1. re: Rodzilla

          For lunch yesterday I grabbed some subs at 9th Street Deli. The lady recommended Italian so I got that. It was fine though lacked some of that "bite" or spiciness I am used to from Philly. I liked the roll. (I did get blocked in in the parking lot, but eventually found the lady owning that car.)

          The Meadows was GREAT. I got the peanut butter cup custard and it rocked.

          We'll see if I make it anywhere else today.

          1. re: leepinleemur

            awesome! Thanks for the updates. That is definitely one of the best items at the meadows and always my top choice.