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Good morning hounds-
I have been on a sandwich tear lately. One key to an excellent sandwich is good mustard. I especially like the mustard at Jetties but I cannot keep buying sandwiches there just for the whole grain mustard. Are there any retail mustards around that people like? Preference to brown mustards and ones that include alcohol (scotch ale mustard). Any ideas?

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  1. Morehouse Foods has amazing mustards. I don't know if any local store carries their products. You may want to "Google" Morehouse Foods for more info. FoiGras

    1. Lately I've been using Westbrae Natural stoneground mustard for that type, which I like because it has no sugar or salt — just vinegar, water, mustard seed, and spices. I suggest you add a little ale of your choice, then you can drink the rest of it with your sandwich. You can also add a little chinese mustard to punch it up a bit.

      1. I don't know any specific brands, but it sounds like a trip to Rodman's is in order. I'm often amazed at the unusual finds on the shelves there. But if you find something you like, go back and get more immediately, since you never know if it'll be there next time.

        1. Mister Mustard.

          I think there's a thread in the general section that has a lot of recs for mustard.

          1. I love Ba-Tampte Deli Style mustard. I've found it at Giant and Snyder's (Silver Spring.)

            1. Try out the German Gourmet. Plenty of options that are hard to impossible to find otherwise.

              1. I cannot remember the name of it, but there is a Polish horseradish mustard in a jar with a blue label and a red cap at Sophia's in Broadway Market in Baltimore that is the best mustard I have ever had. It's simply outstanding.

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                  I think I've seen the same one on sale at Mars.

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                    I found a photo of it. The name is apparently Polish Mustard. http://www.arbatdeli.com/estore/index...

                2. There is a mustard at Society Fair I really like, I believe it's a French brand funnily enough, but it's really good.

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                      Their whole seed is pretty good. Some Giants and Safeways have it (all seem to have some from the brand, only some have the whole seed).

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                        Maille is not French but from Canada. That said it is good.

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                          So is good old Grey Poupn--the grainy version. I love those little beads of mustard and the tang. A very good mustard and easy to find at most local stores. There are very many exotic brands that perhaps are attainable by ordering over the Internet. FoiGras

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                            Maille is French, and became the official vinegar distiller and supplier to the King of France in 1769. Since being bought by Unilever, the company has international production.

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                              The Maille in my house says "France."

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                            What is funny about mustard being French? You've never heard of Dijon mustard?

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                              No no funny that Society Fair was stocking French products :) Would have expected them to find something just as good, but Irish...

                          3. One of my favorites is the yellow mustard by Betampte. It's a great straight-ahead mustard, not too spicy and not particularly sweet. It's also not blah. It really is great. I've even brought it as a gift to friends in Germany.

                              1. Maybe it's me...but I really like Kosciusko by Plochman.

                                  1. Stonewall Kitchen has a number of different mustards, and most are available for tasting in the store. There's a location in National Harbor (or online or in Maine), and many of the varieties come in smaller bottles too, so you can try a number of them at home (which is what I did)


                                    1. http://mustardmuseum.com/

                                      They have every mustard imaginable. I used to order from them all the time.

                                      1. Stonewall Kitchen has a great line of mustards - I enjoy both the blue cheese and roasted garlic.

                                        1. i heartily recommend "honeycup uniquely sharp mustard" which i get at harris teeter. http://www.farawayfoods.com/honeycup....

                                          it is the only honey mustard i have found that i really like, and it is not very sweet, has a hint of honey and a nice little kick. i think it is great for ham or smoked turkey on king's hawaiian rolls! is good with a nice muenster or gruyere cheese (probably a good quality monterey jack, too), too -- esp. in a grilled sandwich. i don't know how it would be with a chevre, but i'm thinking it might be quite nice.

                                          obviously, moutarde de meaux by pommery, and other pommery blends.

                                          next holiday season, all of you should check out trader joe's four-mustard specialty mustard package (if they have it this year). it was a great value in 2012 and had terrific mustard varieties.