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Aug 13, 2012 05:50 AM


Good morning hounds-
I have been on a sandwich tear lately. One key to an excellent sandwich is good mustard. I especially like the mustard at Jetties but I cannot keep buying sandwiches there just for the whole grain mustard. Are there any retail mustards around that people like? Preference to brown mustards and ones that include alcohol (scotch ale mustard). Any ideas?

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  1. Morehouse Foods has amazing mustards. I don't know if any local store carries their products. You may want to "Google" Morehouse Foods for more info. FoiGras

    1. Lately I've been using Westbrae Natural stoneground mustard for that type, which I like because it has no sugar or salt — just vinegar, water, mustard seed, and spices. I suggest you add a little ale of your choice, then you can drink the rest of it with your sandwich. You can also add a little chinese mustard to punch it up a bit.

      1. I don't know any specific brands, but it sounds like a trip to Rodman's is in order. I'm often amazed at the unusual finds on the shelves there. But if you find something you like, go back and get more immediately, since you never know if it'll be there next time.

        1. Mister Mustard.

          I think there's a thread in the general section that has a lot of recs for mustard.

          1. I love Ba-Tampte Deli Style mustard. I've found it at Giant and Snyder's (Silver Spring.)