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Aug 13, 2012 02:32 AM
Discussion early dinner and one late

I am headed to Sydney again for a surf school south of the city. I am in search of an early dinner on Friday. My flight lands at 3:30 and my pick up @ 6:15 at Central Station. So looking for something right near the station or someplace right along the rail line.

On Sunday night I arrive back in Sydney at the same location. I have no hotel booked yet, so anything along the rail line to the airport where there may be a cheap room (my flight back to Adelaide is at 6am :o).

I am sooo looking forward to more Sydney food (last time was Rockpool, Mrs. Gs, Cafe Moreso, and Pyrmont)

Thanks :)

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  1. House Thai is very close to the Station and open early on Friday night - great Isaan food (or try the sister restaurant Spice I am a little further away for fantastic Thai). If you want more upmarket then District Dining is also close and very good modern bistro. If it is the surf school that camps south of Sydney at Seven Mile Beach they stop at Sydney's best traditional burger place near Tom Ugly's Bridge on the way back.

    Best Sunday night food in my book is The Four in Hand in Paddington, great pub and really great restaurant - you need to book and it ain't cheap pub food.

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      It is that surf school :) place to get a good cocktail or wine on a Sunday night? I could still head to that pub and just have some drinks. Or the other idea would be a place that does great desserts/drinks.

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        Shoud have said they stop for a burger on the way down - which would be about 7:30 in a Friday. The Four in Hand is good for Sunday but if you just want a drink it may be too far away.