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Aug 12, 2012 05:12 PM

Seafood restuarants

Going to be staying at Pacific beach next week. Can anyone recommend a good seafood place. How about breakfast. One more, I am also looking for a good pizza and wings place.

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  1. is this a joke or did you even try to search?

    The Fishery
    PB Fish Shop
    Oscars - Fish Tacos
    Ota - Sushi (top dollar)
    Mister Sushi -

    Pizza - Hoboken for a Sicilian slice and NY style slice
    Wings - DIrty Birds
    Breakfast - Mission on Mission

    1. Kono's - the ultimate PB breakfast experience.
      Bare Back Grill - excellent Happy Hour and burgers.

      Rodzie has some good fish suggestions.

      1. If for breakfast you mean a place with awesome coffees and some imported pastries, then I'd add in Bird Rock Coffee - they won Roast Magazine's award for micro-roaster of the year!

        1. +1 for The Fishery
          Hoboken Pizza (though pizza only)
          World Famous for pretty good Lobster Tacos (ditch the dirty rice and ask for Jasmine rice instead).
          The Mission for breakfast