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Aug 12, 2012 04:34 PM

Help: Hiring BBQ Cook

We're getting married next year and we wanted to do a low key BBQ at our wedding. We're exploring different options- preparing the food ourselves, hiring somebody to come in and just do the barbecuing, or having somebody come to do it all.

I would ideally like to provide the food and just have somebody come in and do the grilling, but I can't seem to find anybody who can do that!

Does anybody have any suggestions? The wedding will be approximately 100 people, and we're trying to save money wherever possible.


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  1. <I would ideally like to provide the food and just have somebody come in and do the grilling, but I can't seem to find anybody who can do that!>

    I'm not surprised.BBQ'in for 100 ppl is no simple task.You'll probably need more than 1 chef to do it,even if you do supply all the food...

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      I'd defintely be open to hiring more than one person. I'm just having a hard time finding anybody who offers this service- with one or several people to help.

      1. re: petek

        I've researched a few catering companies, but they are all fairly expensive. We're trying to keep our expenses down, which is why we were thinking of either doing it ourselves or hiring help to prepare the food. Thanks for the suggestion, I will certainly investigate. And if they can't do it, maybe they can point us in the right direction.

        1. re: TorontoGirl99

          Just keep in mind that hired help will run you anywhere from $18.00 to $30.00 + an hour with a 4 hr min.
          Best of luck and congrats :)

    2. Have you tried googling "Pig Roast Ontario" or "Pig Roast Toronto"? You should get quite a list of people who so some variation on BBQ catering.

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      1. re: Ferdzy

        I haven't yet, but I will certainly have a look. Thanks!

      2. Call The Friendly Butcher on Yonge and talk to Ken.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Thanks! I sent them an email tonight, because I'd heard good things about them. But I'll give Ken a call too.

        2. Do you have an e-mail address or something TG99? I'll ask on the largest BBQ forum on earth for you, and send you the link to the thread. You could ask yourself, but you'd have to wait 2-3 days for your account to be approved, and I'm not sure what the policies are at CH about posting other forums.

          Very likely someone will offer their services there, or send you in the right direction.

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          1. I've attended two BBQ events done by Ted Reader and both were first class. Ted is an entertaining chef, so maybe not low key enough for you.

            For 100 you are going to require more equipment than the typical backyard grill so look for someone with the production and service equipment. There's many around the city that do this regularly. Have you checked with Buster Rhino?

            1. re: iamafoodie

              Our wedding venue will actually supply us with 4 BBQs and they're a decent size, so we should be set there. I'll check out both Buster Rhino and Ted Reader. Thanks!

            2. re: SocksManly

              Provided it isn't your site, you're welcome to post a link here.

            3. For low-cost assistance at her self-catered wedding (plating, serving etc) my friend advertised on Craig's List for culinary students/new grads. It worked out ok. The biggest downside of this that I saw was that she was still in charge of them at her own wedding. You could ask a friend to be their go-to person.
              With BBQ/grilling,, I'd also be concerned about food poisoning/cross-contimation. If you don't hire actual caterers I would definitely quiz them about their food safety plans.