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Aug 12, 2012 03:58 PM

Lexington lunch??

I need a great restaurant for a birthday lunch. One friend is coming from Gardner,one from Waltham,I am in Cambridge. We did Blue Ginger last month,so would like to stay away from Asian.Do not want to go in town, and do want cocktails.Anything new and exciting in Lexington? Burlington? We love Sole Proprietor in Worc.

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  1. Summer Winter in the Burlington Marriott, or nearby L'Andana would probably fit the bill.

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    1. Burlington has Cafe Escadrille and a Capitol Grille - both are just off 128 at 3A.

      1. I am not a fan of Summer Winter. Very blah hotel restaurant, overpriced. The bar there is okay. Nice lunch options are limited, but I would recommend Dalya's in Bedford for food quality. The atmosphere is upscale and quiet. My favorite dish is their speciality-warm shrimp toast. Capital Grille is good idea, but the food there is not unique. This is not a new place, but Lexx in Lexington is decent for a special lunch.

        Burton's Grill opened recently in Burlington. Just mentioning it because it's convenient. I haven't had a lot of dishes there (only the salmon burger and regular burger), but have had good experiences.

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          I'll second Dalya's.

          Their menus are online at <>

        2. The Masa outpost in Woburn is also not far away, and just off 128. Do they do lunch?

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            Yes, Mon.-Fri. On the weekends they have a brunch menu - looks like they added more lunch items to it though - when I went about 3 years ago, there was one salad and one burger to choose from if you didn't want breakfast food.


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              It's about 2 miles from 128, a stone's throw from the Winchester line.