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Oct 7, 2004 12:04 PM

Grass Valley area?

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I am a Chicago hound coming to the Grass Valley area in a couple of weeks for a wedding. Is there anything within 30-40 miles of there that would qualify as unique, fantastic, or chow worthy?

Thank you,


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  1. Masque. Drive down hwy 49 to El Dorado Hills. (Hwy 49 and south on Hwy 50).

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      Thank you for such a quick reply. How far from Grass Valley is that? What type of place is Masque? What do they serve?



      1. re: glennpan

        According to Yahoo it's 48 miles.

        There was a very well written detailed review of Masque on this board, do a search on this page.

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          Masque is one long ways from GV. (the longest 48 miles in history) All 2 lanes road down and up a canyon.

          Kirby's Creekside is very good also. Citronee and Blue Moon are excellent. the Stonehouse used to be a brewery and is a very lovely building. Don't know about the food though.

          1. re: bennyboy

            There are some excellent restaurants here. The Stonehouse used to be very good, but I've heard that since its reopening a few months ago, it is not what it could be. All of the other Grass Valley/Nevada City recommendations are great, although the Holbrooke bores me, personally. Friar Tuck's, in Nevada City, is my personal favorite. The Owl, in Grass Valley, is also excellent. I would stay away from the National Hotel, though I won't say why. I've been in the kitchen many times (only hint: there is not a problem with the way the food is prepared or handled).

            There is also a great Thai place in Grass Valley. I don't remember the name right now but there's only one. Consistently great quality, far better than I've found in San Diego or Sacramento. Also an impressive Chilean restaurant, also in Grass Valley, called Diego's.

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              I don't quite know how, because it is simply amazing food; anyway, Didi Bai, in Grass Valley but about 10 minute's drive from downtown, is Himilayan and I can't stress enough how delicious and fresh the food is. The staff is from Nepal, I believe, and owned a successful restaurant in the Bay Area for a few years.

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                We would really appreciate it if you would not change the subject, it throws off Chowhounds who use Hotposts to follow threads.


      2. Why not give the Grass Valley area a chance? Masque, as posted by another chowhound, is very, very upscale and no doubt very good. However, it's in El Dorado Hills, another entire area over at Highway 50. We're in the northern mines area of Highway 49, very historical. Nevada City, 3 miles from Grass Valley, is the best example of a Gold Rush preserved town and it has some fantastic restaurants. Citron has been written up in New York Times and is very good. We also like the New Moon in Nevada City; owners/chefs from Bay Area. Good reports about Stonehouse, also in Nevada City, but we haven't tried it yet. Have a great time — and great food — in our beautiful part of California.

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          I enthusiastically second the vote for Citronee, in Nevada City. I live in the bay area and appreciate fine food, and have found Citronee to outshine some of the most highly-rated restaurants in and around San Francisco. Inventive, flavorful dishes, great wine list, excellent service, etc. And it's so close to Grass Valley. A must-have is whatever foie gras preparation they offer -- it's been outstanding every time I've ordered it. Citronee's web site is linked below.

          Another place I recently tried and really liked is Le Bilig, in Auburn. Auburn is where 49 intersects 80, about a 15-20 minute drive from Grass Valley. Le Bilig is a tiny family-run French place. The outside doesn't look too hot, but the dining room is nice and the food is extremely well prepared.

          Back in Nevada City, I also recommend Ike's Quarter Cafe for breakfast or lunch. It's a casual, funky place with a New Orleans based menu. Everything is fresh and flavorful, with lots of organic products.


        2. For unique: Would Cousin Jack's Pasties qualify ?.

          I have eaten cornish pasties in Canada and Grass Valley. I like them. Sort of a "walking meat pie".

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            Pasties would certainly qualify. I associate them more with the UP of Michigan, but I suppose both places share a mining tradition. I will have to stop by there.



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            torta basilica

            Hopefully, you're staying at the Holbrooke - great old charming hotel - I like the US Grant suite the best, with it's large terrace. If you like wine, I'd make reservations for a tour & lunch at the Renaissance winery - gorgeous grounds, excellent food, interesting upscale cult-like mainly European group that owns it and great wine - you won't be bored & it certainly qualifies for unique & chow worthy!

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            1. re: torta basilica

              I am staying at the Holbrooke one of the nights. I am also going to be spending a couple of nights in the Tahoe area. Thank you for the suggestions.


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                Just a little perspective, this thread is four years old. There are a number of places that are chow worthy in Nevada City and Grass Valley. Do a search of the board using those names.

                1. re: PolarBear

                  Yes, this thread is not the one you want, there are way more current threads....