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Aug 12, 2012 02:56 PM

Fresh plain Chinese Bao (aka bread for 'Gua Bao') Downtown

I am looking for plain, chinese steamed bunssimilar to the ones used at Bahn Mi Boys for their 'bao's'. Chinatown locations would be most ideal.

Thank you

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  1. You wont find the same shaped bao to make the sandwich a la Bahn Mi can buy ready mix flour (available any Chinatown Asian grocery store ) and then shape it accordingly
    or follow Momofuku's recipe here

    1. They sell frozen ones in most Chinese grocery stores.

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      1. re: sweetie

        I think the OP is looking for the ones that can be split and stuffed like a pocket sandwich..the ones I have seen in the frozen section are not designed for that purpose....

        These are the ones we see in the frozen section

        OP is looking for these ones

        1. re: warlock

          those look like the coco buns you get at the Jamaican patti shops.

          1. re: youdonut

            youdonut....Totally different ...oranges and apples...