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Aug 12, 2012 02:50 PM

Headed to Terrenea resort in Palos Verdes

Hi all,

Sounds like we're not so adventerous, but to get away for two nights, we are traveling a short distance from Sherman Oaks, to Palos Verdes. We're told that the Terrenea resort feels like you are in Hawaii. Sure hope so. Anyway, I digress....we'd love to get input on some well executed cuisine for both nights. We are not adverse to dining in the hotel....we're just always leery of doing so. We haven't been to Chez Melange in a long time, and while not next door, we thought we'd take the 8 mile drive for one of our dinners. Anyway, should any Chow folks have any tips, we are definitely all ears.

Cheers and thanx,

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  1. If you haven't been this would be a good time to take the opportunity to give Izakaya Bincho on the Redondo Beach Pier a try:

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      Talk about "food for thought"....thank you for this advice. Just went to the thread you included, and i am interested. Time flies, and I've not been so active at Chow, but the namd "Servorg" sounds so familiar. Were we both at the same dinner when Chowhounds became part of the Cnet family....the dinner was at Malo.

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        Didn't make that dinner unfortunately. I've been on the site since 2001 under a different user name before the C/Net purchase.

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          If you end up at Bincho and enjoy beer, go a few doors down to Naja's Place and try one of their 88 taps.

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          Servog, I am planning on going this week. What dishes stood out for you. I am taking a client and would like to know the local kowledge. Thanks in advance

        3. I was just there for a long weekend. The resort is spectacular and everyone there very friendly and eager for you to have a good experience. Lots of weddings and other functions that weekend so dining reservations are a good idea. In terms of the food, Mar'sel (the fancy restaurant) is quite good for dinner and I enjoyed the seafood buffet at Catalina Kitchen on Friday night ($55 with all-you-can-eat snow crab or $75 with all you can eat Russian king crab); however, the Sunday Brunch there ($52) did not look worth it to me but that might be in part because there was a lot of duplication from the Friday night buffet; more expensive ($72) but supposedly more impressive is the Sunday Brunch down the road at Trump National but I chose not to go. Their new restaurant, Bashi, for pan-asian was better than expected but, aside from the view, I thought lunch at Nelson's was only fair--though it is worth checking out the Friday and Saturday night picnic buffets ($19 - 24) that have a different theme each night and offer a live concert. Sea Beans had excellent pastries, good gelato and a very tasty shortrib sandwich but the kitchen could get backed up there leading to a longer lunch then expected. I did not try the Spa Cafe nor the menu at the pools. All the dining choices offer outdoor seating as an option except the Spa Cafe. Surprisingly, the Lobby Bar did not seem much of a late night draw, even with all the functions. The day I left, I stopped for lunch at Pavich's Brick Oven Pizza on Western and Summerland--really good pizza and some delicious Croatian sandwiches. Whatever you decide, have a great time!

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            What a nice response from you. Very thoughtful and appreciated.

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              seconding mar'sel. The food the rather excellent, with a chef that could fit into any Hollywood/DTLA kitchen. The room is staid as can be, but the food more than makes up for that.

              There's even an interesting off-the-menu burger:

            2. I concur on the restaurants at the resort, always fantastic. Not what you would expect. Also agree on Pavich's, he is such a nice guy too! Enjoy! It is truly beautiful.... walk down to the beach, there are usually chairs, it's quite nice either early am with coffee or evening....sunsets are beautiful.

              1. We also enjoyed Mar'sel at Terranea and the views at Nelson's are breathtaking. We did take a drive one night to experience Torihei. Very fun and tasty Japanese style "tapas" hop. Could get crowded though..just be patient...