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Aug 12, 2012 02:43 PM

Special dinner, KC

We have an important anniversary and a less notable birthday to celebrate. I'd like a place that is fancy and delicious, but not self inflated.

We've been toying w Justus Drugstore, but wonder if it is worth the fuss.

Places we don't want to go to:
- reiger hotel- I think their chef over reaches. I've had too many exceptionally mediocre dishes.
- west side local- looking for some place a little fancier.
- Julian - I was unimpressed by brunch there
- bluebird bistro- we went there last year for the birthday dinner and were very underwhelmed, particularly by the vastly overwhelming amounts of fruity salad dressings.

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  1. Whenever I go to KC, I always try to get into bluestem. Their prix fixe is fairly cheap and always delicious, local foods.

    There is also a chop house down there called Capital Grille that we really liked. Nice, aged steaks. Excellent apps, wine, and desserts.


    1. What about Michael Smith?
      For old school fancy steakhouse, check out The Majestic.

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      1. i'd say Bluestem. you can't go wrong. other ideas - JJ's, Starker's Reserve, Le Fou Frog

        1. Frankly, there are only two real choices if I am understanding what you want....really great food and really great atmophere and service:

          1) Capital Grille....anyone who says there is a better steak house anywhere is mistaken. Cool vibe, plenty of "action"...great bar and fabulous food. Try the truffle fries but ask for the shallot butter sause to dip them absolute luxury!

          2) Bluestem...Personally, I think it is a little pretentious, and would opt for Capital Grille, but in all fairness, it is the only other place in KC that seems to me to fit your requirements.

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              I am curious why no one mentioned the American.. great view of the city (room designed by the same person who designed Windows on the World in the Twin Towers.. ), and really very good food. Is it just seen as too old school? I think they also have a very nice wine list.

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                The American is beautiful, but again I will point out that the OP requested a place that wasn't "self inflated". Now we may differ on what she meant by that, but to me, The American would be in that category.

          1. KC is BBQ central. Hit the best BBQ place and arrange beforehand that you can bring in a cake and light candles, bring in champagne etc etc. One of the best (I ain't saying names you make the phone calls) will be happy to accommodate your party

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            1. re: zzDan

              We don't eat much meat, so steak or BBQ isn't rly our cup of tea.

              Can you tell me more about the American?

              My OP was a bit cranky. Here are some places we love:

              Port Fonda's trailer
              Royale genesse bistro- I think the food is great, but the decor is a tad over done
              Lil Freshie- so chic, simple, delicious
              Fervere bread