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Aug 12, 2012 01:49 PM

Best restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island



My GF and I are spending a couple of nights in Newport and were looking for some suggestions on restaurants. We're gourmands who live to eat and enjoy dining at the best places in NY every few weeks. We enjoy a nice setting and service, but food quality comes first. My endless research helped me narrow down my choices for dinner to the following four, of which I want to choose 2, in no order:

Muse @ the Vanderbilt
Fluke Wine Bar
Castle Hill Inn
Tallulah on Thames

A fifth option would be TSK

Also, if anyone has some lunch and breakfast suggestions, that would help too, more casual like sandwiches or lobster rolls.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

  1. depends, somewhat, on your eating style.

    castle hill (and spiced pear for that matter) are somehat formal in style. you certainly want to do drinks ar castle hill afternoon, or sunday morning on the lawn. food is very good at both

    TSK is very informal (not a diner) but small and limited menu (you should be adventuresome)

    fluke is upscale casual.

    Tallulah is great, impossible to get into without reservations

    Breakfast - Franklin Spa on Spring street. Lunch - Lobster Bar at aquidneck lobster on bowen's wharf

    1. Since ragingbull23 has another thread on this topic active at, we're going to close this thread. Please go to that thread to add your recommendations.