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Aug 12, 2012 01:07 PM

What is your choice of PB?What jelly etc. do you add,if you use jelly etc.?

I just used jif for awhile.I tried smucker's natural,was ok.Then planters natural,been my regular.Lastnight I spent 20mins looking at PB lol.I ended up getting "naturally more".Still got planters pb to go through before I crack the seal.Have you tried it,any good?Here is a few other PBs I want to try. Krema-smooth,Maranatha Creamy,Walden Farms Whipped Peanut Spread,soybutter,& kettle cashew butter.

I like to toast my bread & add smucker's simply fruit:Seedless Black raspberry.I like it alot because its not extremely sweet like most jelly etc. I tried.

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  1. Never cared much for PBJ's until recently, I likes Peter Pan creamy or Skippy nut n' honey on white with a quality peach preserve or the new Welch's grape jam made with sugar ( I'm not an anti corn syrup nazi) it just tastes better. About once a week with a cold glass of milk.

    1. I love either Jiffy or Skippy. For some reason Peter Pan is hard to find here. I love Smucker's grape jam, and that being said, I prefer jam to jelly any day, except in the case of orange marmalade, which I don't like as a spread, but will combine it with other things and slather it on a pork roast. Bonne Maman - anything from that product line is absolutely delicious. But I won't be getting any anytime soon, because this has been my Summer for preserving, and I've got an entire shelf of jams - strawberry-cherry, apricot, tomato, plum, plain strawberry, and kumquat. :)

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        Oh, I love that you have a shelf of homemade jams - enjoy!

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          Linda, canning and preserving have made me feel all pioneerish and accomplished :) and it's so much fun to look on the shelves and see them - such pretty colors, beautiful fruits and veg. preserved in different ways. My little foodinista survivalist cache. Between that, feeding people, and looking after a little dude (3) named Jamon (No, I don't call him ham :) who likes to careen around the yard with a bucket on his head, it has been one helluva busy Summer.

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            OK, the visual of Jamon careening around with a bucket on his head is a GREAT one, mamaC!

      2. Creamy Jif and strawberry preserves on super soft white bread!

        1. I like the Trader Joe's pb's and jams. Do NOT buy the Walden Farms pb spread. Its vile!

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            Ditto on the Walden Farms. I have tried a couple of their spreads/sauces and I agree -- vile. Wouldn't try another WF product if you gave it to me for free.

          2. I recently got a jar of Smart Balance peanut butter which has been amazing.