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Aug 12, 2012 12:48 PM

My list from Chatham to Provincetown, please review

I have trolled the boards for all the wonderful information and put together a list of possible restaurants. We have one night out without DS, and are considering the following restaurants:
28 Atlantic
Ocean House
Red Inn

Is there any other restaurant on my list , besides those above, that would not be appropriate for a well behaved 9 y,o, child? Anything I omitted? Any that are not opened for dinner? Any that I should reserve more than a day in advance? While I would prefer to wing it, I suspect the crowds may preclude that...

We will be in S. Orleans, and probably have only one meal with DS in Provincetown, in conjunction with a whale watch, etc...Adult night is anywhere within a 45 minute drive...

Jo Mamma's for bagels.
Hot Chocolate Sparrow for hot chocolate and sweets
Sundae School. ice cream

28 Atlantic is wonderful.

Impudent Oyster for either dinner or lunch. Lobster roll is the way to go

Del Mar Bistro/Chatham would be a great choice for dinner. Have always had excellent food and service. I believe they offer live jazz entertainment mid-week.

The Corner Store is a fantastic sandwich shop in So. Chatham. Sandwiches, Paninis and 'design your own' Burritos (that would satisfy the vegetarian). Some seating but not a lot; many people grab and go. Don't be put off by the amount of cars parked on both sides of the road. Just find a place to park- the lines do move smoothly. Very popular place

Hangar B in Chatham.
Incredible food....watermelon gazpacho, panzanella salad, fish tacos. Kids loved the homemade doughnuts.
It's not cheap for either breakfast or lunch, but well worth the visit (closed Tuesdays


Friendly Fisherman is great, plus did you know they have great pies? clamshack fix, onRte 6 in Eastham. Lobster roll is the way to go.

Sam's Deli on Brackett Rd(in the plaza on the corner of 6) in Eastham has wonderful, inexpensive sandwiches.
100 Brackett Rd, Eastham, MA 02642

Macs Shack for sushi sort of ambrosial delights, great bar drinks, fun vibe.

Pearl - upper deck for decent food and fun vibe and drinks- raw bar too, naturally

PB Boulangerie - baked French pastries . They have the best croissants I've had outside Paris, crazy big meringues and other yummy things. There is always a line. expensive and mixed for dinner.

Wicked Oyster does an absolutely fantastic breakfast- the best omelet, waffle, and corned beef hash I have ever had.
50 Main St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

Moby Dick's For casual lobster )mixed reviews). They also have a wedge salad way better than the trendy places which are doing it.
Sol, amazing and different from anything else on the Cape, lots of Asian inspired dishes
the lighthouse for pancakes

Blackfish - Truro eats amazing
Tera Luna - Truro original chef is back
Ice cream in Truro at Sweet Escape,
Pizza next door at Savory!
Flying Fish Cafe, which is downtown near the surf shop is one of our favorites. Excellent breakfast.
The Atlantic Spice Company in Truro.for cooks supplies etc...

Pain D'Avignon
Bangkok Kitchen
Norabella. It's hands down the best Italian on the Cape (especially if you like Northern Italian
)Osteria La Civetta on Main Street in Falmouth. Very simple Northern Italian menu, fresh house made pastas, local ingredients, and a skilled chef. Even the room feels authentic. 133 Main St, Falmouth, MA 0254

Jimmy's Hideaway last summer. Impeccable service, wine and food.

The Red Inn. If you search here, you can find the mini review that I wrote about. Bonus: they have a parking lot!!!



Ross's Grill for lunch many times. .They have great wines by the glass and we always check the blackboard specials for wine

Devon's both for breakfast and for a special dinner. .
Angel Foods. Either grabbing a few ingredients or some of their prepared food. Great sandwiches if you want to pack a lunch for the beach or bike trail.

Bubbala's by the Bay, good steamers and chowder and salads.

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  1. where and what is Vincent's?

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    1. re: thos

      Provincetown...but I think I meant Victor's.

      1. re: bawc

        Victor's it is...I made the same mistake in your first thread so no worries!

        That's a lot of cutting and pasting and clearly more than can be sampled in one short visit. I don't see a loser on the entire list, however, so look at menus and decide based on that.

        My choice for one special night w/o DS would be 28 Atlantic if you want the best the Cape can offer both in food, view and service, and priced to match. Or the Ocean House for inventive quality cuisine in a room with a view.

        Hangar B would make my "must go" list. So would Chocolate Sparrow for treats.

        You can add Hole in One in Orleans for b'fast or grab some yummy old fashioned donuts.

        I'd stick to lunch at Impudent Oyster. Walk Main Street. It's one of the Cape's loveliest villages. Maybe take a seal tour as well.

        Although quite good (I hear) Norabella is very tiny and probably not a good option with a 9 yo.

        Enjoy and be sure to report back!

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Many thanks! just what I needed to know. Will report back once ds is back in school and I have my life back again (dearly as I love him!).

          1. re: bawc

            ...only one meal with DS in Provincetown, in conjunction with a whale watch, etc..

            Napi's, Bubbala's and Fanizzi's all have parking and would be good picks for a family meal. Lots of choices on their menus and interesting views/art work.

            1. re: bawc

              You've put together quite a solid list of fine establishments. Best of luck!

              We had lunch @ Hangar B last week. Arrived @ 12:40 and had a 45 minute wait, but it was well worth it. We were entertained by the parachutists. I had the fish tacos and my wife had the breakfast sandwich - very pleased with both. They do serve food outside on the deck, but that is strictly for parties of only one or two. Inside is not that large and there was no A/C but the food more than made up for any shortcomings.

              We also ate @ Buca's/Harwich on Friday night and that may be a location to put on your radar. We began with grilled romaine with a lemon gorgonzola vinagrette that was big enough to share- delicious! I opted for wild boar spare ribs on a bed of wilted spinach, cannellinni beans and roasted garlic -again, delicious. My wife ordered the sauteed sole with port.mushrooms & grilled artichokes and was also very pleased. Although mostly adults, there were a few families with younger children here, so it could be an option with your 9 yr. old.

              And to answer your question about reservations- YES, you should def. reserve more than 1 day in advance at some of the higher end establishments. Winging it is fun, but you may be disappointed. If it were me, I would call in advance for Impudent Oyster (for dinner), Buca's , Ocean House and Abba's . I don't think Del Mar accepts reservations (but they may take them for larger parties). Other posters may chime in on their experiences at some of the other places.

              1. re: kneerobber

                Def can do Bucca's with kids. We did it with our 8 and 6 year old this summer. We called ahead and while they don't have a kids menu, they do offer to make kid options and portions.
                When we went, we started with some decent appetizers, but thought the main courses were simply average and oversauced. Not that you are heading to Hyannis, but as a reference, I would definitely choose Alberto's and Columbos over Bucca's for dining with kids.
                For dining without kids, Norabella is still my top option for Italian on the Cape (though I must admit I haven't been down to the highly recommended place in Falmouth).

                1. re: foleyd7

                  No reservations for small groups at Delmar. Last night, Ciclista faced an hour+ wait. Last Sept. I had an hour + wait. I LOVE Bucca's but off season. It's cozy and rustic inside more condusive to cooler weather? I would be more inclined to get a res at Ocean House. Norabella is amazing but small and again, to me, a good choice cooler weather when cozy is nice. What about 28 Atlantic? It's amazing and IMHO not stuffy for a chowish 9 year old.

      2. Liked reading this-I just got back from my annual trip to Eastham-a quick shout out to Sams Deli-It is my main sandwich place for the beach and also a fan of thr Friendly Fisherman

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          We usually go to Eastham for a week in the Spring and fall, and for another 2 or 3, 3-4 day trips a year. Sam's is worth a visit EVERY time- phenomenal sandwiches, at very reasonable prices. Love Friendly Fisherman, too, I just wish they offered fried oysters and hot lobster rolls (the cold ones are to die for, but I greatly prefer hot). Our next week is coming up soon, in September- stomach growling in anticipation of our old favorites and some new experiences, too.

        2. I have always loved the stuffed quohog at the Yardarm in Orleans, but last week had one and it was awful! SOMETHING has changed there!