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Aug 12, 2012 12:17 PM

Visiting London in December

Hello all,

I am a native Floridian with family all over England, and I am planning a visit in early december!! I hope to spend 3 nights in London and was hoping to get some recommendations. I've been before but it was a long time ago and my interests in good food have grown exponentially since. I dont know specifically where ill be staying yet but have no problem travelling to any spot that is rated highly enough. I would really like an amazing indian spot, I remember one with bombay in the title that was fine dining and amazing, something like that. I'd also like a modern place that does experimentation. And lastly a great chinese place. I dont mind spending if it's worth it. I know these aren't very specific but i appreciate any info. Last but not least does anyone know of a good guide on the rest of the travelling things like best value airlines, best way to handle currency, best value hotels??

Again i thank you all for your help, this will be the first time in london with just me myself and I (and gf)

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  1. Firstly, there are about three "First time in London" type posts per week here, so a little scrolling down the board will get you plenty of info.

    However, the "Indian" you refer to is probably the Bombay Brasserie. Still there and still good.

    It doesn't get any more experimental (or expensive) than Dinner, which is in an hotel near Hyde Park Corner.

    Chinese? Many US visitors reckon their home scene is better than over here, but I'm sure you'll get some good recs.

    Travel guide? Lonely Planet from any decent bookstore, or

    There are plenty of ATMs, and most of us no longer point at aircraft.

    1. Good website for travel questions... (and the DK travel guidebooks are terrific).

      Good Chinese... many of these in London. If you want delicious Peking duck, dim sum.. Min Jiang is very good and Haozhan in Chinatown never fails for me.

      Definitely read down the pages here - great suggestions for where to eat.

      1. i'd choose moti mahal for fancy indian food.

        for experimental i think viajante would be a good option.

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          Would you say moti mahal or bombay if the gf is averse to red meat and pork?

          1. re: muushupork

            They both serve plenty of dishes containing neither. Just curious, but did you select your CH tag before knowing her preferences?

          2. Thanks for all of your input! I have been looking through the board as suggested and it's helping a lot.

            1. If you fancy something a bit different, a good Chinese (Szechuan specifically) is My Old Place on Middlesex Street. It's near Liverpool St Station and Spitalfields market (if you're in the area). Unusual cuisine (not your average greasy Chinese) with lots of fragrant and peppery dishes. A word of warning: the waitresses are quite surly and it is strictly cash only. This shouldn't be a problem as it is very reasonably priced. Open Sundays too!

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              1. re: ahappyhostessblog

                Great suggestion I will definitely look into it!

                1. re: ahappyhostessblog

                  I enjoyed past dinners at My Old Place, but it's actually a Dongbei (NE China/Manchuria) place rather than a Sichuan place. They do have a number of Sichuan dishes on the menu which are probably worth trying, but definitely don't miss the Dongbei dishes.

                  1. re: limster

                    Ah, OK - good to know! There's one dish called "pork with tree fungus" or similar which is actually the most delicious wood ear mushroom and pork dish (if you're into mushrooms). Also, the cold sour cucumber starter with garlic is a must. It's really refreshing and really tasty!