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Aug 12, 2012 12:04 PM

ISO Valhrona cocoa powder

Does anyone have any sources for Valhrona cocoa powder in Toronto? Must be TTC accessible, preferably reasonably close to the downtown core. We can get it at Whole Foods on our trips to the US, but for some reason the WF here does not seem to carry it (at least not the one downtown).


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  1. You can order it from

    1. Ain't We Sweet in the basement of the south St Lawrence Market has 1 kilo bags of it for a decent price. The also have smaller bags (I'm guessing, but maybe 250 gm) too.

      1. Also at St. Lawrence market are two bulk goods retailers in the basement who sell Valhrona cocoa powder (in packaged bags and in bulk, I believe). One is called Domino's and the other is nearby, right across from Rube's rice.

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          thanks, all. this is just what i was looking for!