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Aug 12, 2012 11:52 AM

Dallas TJ's?

Can we start the Dallas TJ countdown yet?

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  1. Puleeeese! Don't let this become the same boring, longer than it needs to be thread as the TJ's in Ft. Worth!

    1. I finally went to the much acclaimed FW TJs last week and don't get it. Yep it's cheap and but you get just what you pay for. I bought a wedge of blue cheese that went in the trash due to zero flavor. Never knew that was possible with blue. Same no flavor issue w/2 different fruit cereals - banana & cranberry. However, the bags of salad greens were a good tasting bargain.

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        I like the fact that I can be totally "brain dead" after a long day and have a wide variety of creative, fresh salads that I can simply dump in a bowl and that can be my dinner. I love the diced pancetta, I'm eating some drunken goat cheese as I'm typing this, like the varieties of hummus with their whole wheat pita bread. Sparking water with lime is only .99 vs. much higher prices at other places. Bought a beautiful bunch of flowers that lasted a week for $3.99.

        I'm sorry you were disappointed in the cereal & bleu cheese. Never had either. The "lite" brie is tasteless, and I'll never get it again.

        1. re: Barbara76137

          Guess I just chose poorly, but only today I was at the grocery, picked up 2 bags of spring mix salad greens for 2.99 per, and thought of the same thing at TJs for 1.99. Wish there were one nearer to G'vine - I'd be more likely to experiment.

          1. re: Barbara76137

            I been always amazed at the prices of their fresh flowers. They're soooooo cheap compared to everyone else!

            Barbara, that same bunch of flowers at Albertson's (the cheapest I know of) would have been $9.99!

          2. re: CocoaNut

            I'm not a fan of TJ's but they are OK for certain things, but they're very specific. There's one literally 50 feet from my current apartment but I live in another state.

            I never buy my cheese there (it sucks), but I like their blackberry and strawberry preserves. As you've discovered their bagged salad mixes are a good buy, I like them too. I was pleasantly surprised by their organic tomato soup in a box, not too sweet and not too creamy, just right! Their roasted nuts and trail mixes are hit and miss, sometimes you can get a good deal but their not the best quality nuts. Their sardines are also pretty good, for where I live they're priced very cheap, but I'm not sure what the going price for canned sardines is in DWF. The toffuti blintzes aren't bad, I actually like them and have a hard time finding them in stores.

            I would stay away from their prepared foods, whether it's fresh, frozen or the odd Indian food in a MRE packet. The latter are inedible, I only tried it on a whim after a TJ's worker restocking the shelves mentioned she loved the Indian food when I was reading the package. After trying it it occurred to me the poor girl didn't know what Indian food was supposed to taste like.

          3. I was at first thinking, "why is TJ's Seafood closing?" Doh.

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            1. Driving on Preston yesterday I saw that the sign is up and they're accepting applications.

              1. TJ Plano opens tomorrow. Has anyone received any mailings with special offers?