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Aug 12, 2012 11:34 AM

Panama City and Bocas Del Toro

I have not seen any recent posts on these areas. I'll be headed to Panama next month and will be staying a few days in both areas. Any suggestions for both of these places would be greatly appreciated. Any price range is fine. Any hidden gems, local spots, must eat places? Not picky, and prefer to stay away from tourist trap restaurants.

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  1. Not sure about Panama City but i have been to some interesting Dim Sum places there. in Bocas for good local food try Beso Del Dragon in the la cabanas area. there are a few other local places up there as well. if you make it to boca del drago on isla colon where starfish beach is try Yarisanori which does great seafood. in town for a slightly more upscale place , Casbah, which is always good. Ultimo Refugio is good along with el pacado de sabor is also nice. and last but not least come try my place, taller de sabor which is a block before the hospital across from habla ya spanish school. i do gourmet empanadas for a buck a piece. you will like panamanian food if your not expecting mexican. its very subtle here.

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      can you remember where you found dim sum?

    2. In Bocas, check out Lily's Cafe, if only for their Killin Me Man Sauce. It's a carribean-style pepper sauce made with habaneros and a bunch of other stuff. I brought back 4 bottles and they were gone within a few weeks. My Jamaican brother in law claims he's never had better - and he knows his pepper sauce.

      1. Atc_lv let me know what you discover in Panama City....We are heading down in October and would love some Hounds' suggestions!

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          Headed there this Friday! I'll be sure to post a trip report when I get back.

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            Hi there - did you find anything good in Panama City? I am a solo traveller heading there end of December and I would absolutely love to hear your experiences!